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I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! With some complaints. :)

by coie - July 13th, 2005.
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Few notes:


Sing4Christ- thanks for tagging me!  I will get to answering those as soon as I have more time.  🙂


Flowersorhonesty- thanks for adding me to your friends list!  I look forward to reading your blog.  🙂


Everyone else who keeps telling me to blog–  I'll be back to my more random self– maybe once the next issue of TOS is distributed and I've got time to relax. :):)


This is more of a concern that I'm seeing here at the CBA convention in Denver.  The concerts and “worship nights” have been the most depressing.  So far we have seen Newsong, Kathy Trocolli, Casting Crowns, Lincoln Brewster, Todd Agnew, Martha Munizzi, Philips, Craig, and Dean, Josh Bates, Tim Hughes, Warren Barfield, Sean Anthony, and Lordsong.  There are more but I can't remember them.  So far only about 2 or 3 of these performances have been worthwhile.  I did like Todd Agnew, Tim Hughes, and Warren Barfield- they seemed normal for the most part. 


We went to a concert last night at the Buell Theatre.  When we got there I saw some guys that looked like total punks with their mohawks, worldly clothes, and jewelry.  I thought “Those poor guys need Jesus.”  30 minutes later I was horrified to see them step up to the stage “leading worship”. It seemed like they were there for the money, for the fame, for the world.  Lincoln Brewster in particular bothered me because before his performance there was a video clip playing of him saying stuff like “It's really not about me.  It's not about the music….etc”  Then he gets on the stage and starts blasting his electric guitar and dancing all over the stage. hmmmmm what's it about then?


Todd Agnew's song was great.  It was about NOT being like the world and he didn't seem weird.  I plan on doing more research on him to see what he is like– to see if he actually lives what he sings.  Warren Barfield is funny and seems normal so far.  Again, I will need to do more research on him.  Tim Hughes has been normal since he started.  I'm reading a book that he wrote (he was giving out books that he signed a few days ago) that is really great so far.  Hopefully it stays normal. 


Anyways, that's all for now– we did meet Bethany Dillon.  She was/is homeschooled (she's my age) and is on the Chronicles of Narnia soundtrack.  So far, she's normal too.  I hope she stays that way.  🙂  It's really sad to see these Christian artists living like the world and singing songs contrary to what they are living.  comments?



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  1. Welcome back!

    Welcome back, Coie!

    Isn't it sad how the "Christian" teenagers behave nowadays? 🙁

    That's neat that you got to meet a Chronicles of Narnia character! I hope she stays normal, too! Sometimes fame can turn peoples' heads. 🙁

    Anyway…great to have you back! I've missed you!

  2. ByHisGraceInColorado

    Good comments Coie!

    I was an absolute blessing to spend time with you at the convention. I too, was not really happy with the worldliness there, although I was thankful and blessed by the small handful of "performers" who seemed very genuine, and worshipping the Lord, not themselves.

    I don't remember if you mentioned Anthony Evans, who had truly gave the Lord the glory. And that Todd Agnew (was that his name?) had lyrics to make you ponder deeply, what Jesus has done for us.

    I had a very hard time listening to much of what we heard because of the sheer volume and bass pounding. It is an outright assault. Didn't anyone else "my age" care? I came out of the disco generation (I know, gross) and I damaged my hearing in the 70's and 80's. And it was stupidity.

    But what do you call it when you go to a "Christian" worship service or concert and you can't tell that it is? Is that what the Lord wants? I know we don't know the hearts of these people, the one's on the stage, the people in the audience…….we can't know that. But aren't we supposed to put on the Lord Jesus Christ? I know He came to seek and save the lost—–but I think He would be grieved (and is grieved) when we blast the wonderful ears that He created us to hear with………and call it worship.

    Well, I might get back up on my soapbox a little later………

    Mrs. B

    Truly trying to be in the world but not of it 🙂 Just passing thru…………

  3. I've had fun…

    spending time with you here at the convention. You are truly wise beyond your years, I know you'll go far for God! You are truly a special young lady!


  4. Todd Agnew

    is excellent. So cool that you got to see him. Musically he has such a neat mix. Lyrically, his music is very powerful . His remake of Come Ye Sinners, is one of my favorites! I am glad to see that you are so grounded Coie. It has been a pleasure getting to know and work with you.

    Grace and Peace-


  5. What!!!!

    Why don't you want it?

    IT'S NICE.

    Are you moving too?

    Comment me back.


    Your friend,


  6. OOOPS!!!!!!!

    I accidentally posted using my mom's name



  7. I am alive…:)

    Glad you had a good time. I've been to quite a few concerts, with (christian!) rock bands, and regular singers as well. I've enjoyed just about all of them.

    I do listen to many of the bands that are mentioned above. It's somewhat of that thin line "Being in the world but not of it" thing. I don't think those bands really all try to dress like that. Jeremy Camp's lead guitarist actually told the entire crowd he didn't like his outfit that night, which was pretty funny.

    I don't dress "differently" really. I'm a singer on stage a lot, and I dress in the usual type of clothes. More like Tim Hughes would I guess. But as for the Punk bands…those I worry about. I saw a rock band who is called "Hear Us Say Jesus" because they're tired of bands trying to be Christian and mainstream at the same time.

    It's like saying you're liberal and Christian. Not really happening.

    But I'm sure they're really nice guys, who are Christians. Maybe they can relate better to those like them? Probably not, but it's possible.

    God Bless!


  8. Hmmm…

    I would like to ask a question: As long as there is enough cloth (if you know what I mean), what is wrong with dressing like a "punk"? Where in the Bible does it say not to? Granted, many people will automatically judge you for something you may or not be, but that's not the issue here.

    Now, before you ask, no, I don't dres like that or have any desire to dress like that. I just really want to know if it says anything in the Bible about it.

  9. Oh yeah…

    And not just what the Bible has to say about it, why do you think that way? What makes you think that they are wrong for dressing like that?

  10. I agree…

    I would have to go with Jake on that one.

  11. your tagged!

    I'm very sorry I'm doing this but YOUR TAGGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: (: !

    look at my blog!

  12. You little stink!

    And you did it while I was babysitting you too……was I that bad? Ok ok, I'll answer in a little bit.

    Tim and Jake… my mom's article in the Summer '05 issue. Thanks.

  13. Finally

    I finally recieved my copy of TOS! Which article did you mean?

  14. hello from alaska!

    CO! I love your blogs but you have to post more often! I have my own now….

    just have to tell you, you're more wise than any 16 year old i've ever known "where have you been all my life"… well, almost. Charley's nephew is is close runner-up-

    you're amazing, love ya bunches.. can't wait to see ya all.

  15. Jess–

    Well, thanks for the compliments. However, stop trying to convince me to marry Charley's nephew. I don't even know the kid. As far as I know, his name is "Charley's Nephew". So Jess, and everypeople– stop trying to marry me off! I'm QUITE capable of allowing my dad and momsie to find me a husband. :P:P

  16. AND

    And I'm only 16–so SHEESH….can't you people at least wait a few years before trying to play matchmaker?

  17. Untitled Comment

    that's my girl, little coie bo boie, coooky poooky muffin coie-flower head pumkim cheesecake tushie-doodle. that's right. momsie and daddems will find you a nice hubby (in 27 years). I always knew i liked you.

  18. Untitled Comment

    27 years Mrs. Ig?!?!?!? That's a loooooooong time! I feel sorry for you Coie. At least I don't have to wait that long…only 26 years.

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