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This is the longest tag ever

by coie - January 9th, 2006.
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Ok, Kaitlin
tagged me with this like 148 question tag.  I know this is
absolutely crazy, but I did it anyways.  No one tag me for the
rest of the year.  Hehe…Thanks Kait!

Basic Questions…
1. First Name?: On my BC- Jennefer…What I go by- Coie
2. Middle Name?: BC- Nicole…What I go by- Renee
3. Age?: 16…17 next month
4. Birthday?: 02.19.89
5. Where do you live?: In the state of insanity (which has two meanings really…I’m
insane…and our sewer backs up on a regular basis)
Where were you born?: Matherfield AFB, California
7. Who do you live with?: my 7 family members
8. How many siblings do you have?: 5
9. Pets?: None, but we are about to be gifted with a pig puppy (for anyone
close to claiming a puppy from my aunt, be assured, they’ve actually had an
amazing transformation and are absolutely adorable)
10. Grade at school?: I’m kinda done, kinda doing 12th grade.
11. Where do you go to school?: I’m homeschooled!
12. Hair color?: It’s been described as Carmel Brown.
13. Hair style?: Mid-length, just past my shoulders, layered.
14. Eye color?: Blue
15. Ethnic background?: Little bit o’ everything
16. Do you play any sports?: Not on a team- just for fun
17. If so, which ones?: Basketball, Tennis, and Soccer
18. Do you play any instruments?: Nope, I just sing.
19. If so, which ones?: my throat?
20. Height?: 5’3”
21. Weight?: for what?
22. Do you look like anyone famous?: Does Spunky Jr. count?
23. Any nicknames?: I always said I would list these…One moment while I grab my
journal…Coke, Cokie, Cokie Mo, Cookie, Coieflower Head, Iggie, FrOgie, Coie
Wonka, Coco, Co Wo, Slo-Po, Dog Face, Sleepy Girl, [skip] [skip] (some
nicknames were not meant to be shared), Egg, Miss Co, Coca-Cola, Cozie, Brat
(used after being right about something).
24. Do you like your name?: Yeah, ‘cept when people can’t say it.
25. If you could change it, what would you want it to be?: ummm, not telling,
because my choice of names are weird.
26. Any talents?: I can quilt, cook, and weld- does that count?
27. Do you have a cell phone?: Yes indeedily do
28. If so, which kind?: Motorola Razr
29.What is your ringtone?: Radiance


30. Movie?: The Village
31. TV Show?: We don’t have TV, but I like watching the History Channel at
Actress?: none
33. Actor?: none
34. Comedy movie?: Emperor’s New Groove
35. Romantic movie?: Pride and Prejudice, Emma, Sense and Sensibility.
36. Historical movie?: I dunno
37. Music Genre?: I don’t have a favorite…anything that doesn’t sound like
38. Band?: Jars of Clay and Audio Adrenaline (Their old stuff)
39. Singer?: Tim Hughes
40. Song of all time?: There are a few- Unforgetful You and Flood by Jars of
Clay… Big House and Mighty Good Leader by Audio Adrenaline…
41. Store [non-clothing]?: Cost Plus World Market (I can’t afford stuff there
42. Store [clothing]?: Old Navy
43. Shoes?: Sketchers and something else I’m too lazy to look up…
44. Place to go?: Marine World in Vallejo
45. Vacation spot?: Bodega Bay and French Meadows in California
46. City?: Tahoe
47. Animal?: I'm not particularly fond of animals, but puppies are kinda cute.
48. Candy?: Almond Joy and Milk Duds
49. Food?: Steak, Curry, Mashed Potatoes
50. Holiday?: Christmas
51. Month?: Well, in California, I liked Feb the best because of the weather,
but I don’t know Tennessee very well yet, so I’m not certain of my favorite
month anymore.
52. Car?: Supra
53. Sport to watch?: Basketball (Go Kings!)
54. Sport to play?: Soccer, Basketball, and Tennis
55. Subject in school?: Spelling, Ancient History
56. Book?: The Hidden Hand (or anything put out by Lamplighter), Redwall
Series, Great Brain Series, and oh so much more.
57. Author?: H. Rider Haggard
58. Color?: Green, Orange,
and Blue
59. Cartoon?: Recess and Philmore
60. Artist?: John Waterhouse, Rene Margarite, and Norman Rockwell
61. Disney movie?: Narnia
62. Quote?: “Unless I am convinced by proofs from Scriptures or by
plain and clear reasons and arguments, I can and will not retract, for it is
neither safe nor wise to do anything against conscience. Here I stand. I can do
no other. God help me. Amen.
“- Martin Luther
63. Inspirational figure?: Jesus

–> 10 things you can't live without..

1) God
2) Family
3) My quilt
4) Chapstick
5) Below the ankle socks
6) Hoodies
7) Meat
8) Toothbrush/paste
9) soap
10) toilet paper

–> 9 Songs that describe your life


–> 8 of your favorite songs…

Unforgetful You- Jars of Clay (JOC)

Flood- JOC

Big House- Audio Adrenaline (AA)

Mighty Good Leader- AA

Stand For You- Tree63

Be Thou My Vision- Unknown (Hymn)

Can’t think o’ one

Can’t think o’ one

–> 7 of your best friends…
1) I
2) do
3) not
4) have
5) 7
6) best
7) friends

–> 6 things you always wear

1) T-shirt
2) PJ Pants
3) Blue Hoodie
4) Red Live For Him wristband
5) White LivePure wristband
6) chapstick- Brand: ChapStick Type: the light blue medicated one.

–> 5 of your favorite movies

1) The Village
2) Pride and Prejudice
3) Emma
4) Sense and Sensability
5) Emperor’s New Groove

–> 4 things you could always eat

1) Steak
2) Mashed Potatoes
3) Yogurt and Almonds
4) Strawberries

–> 3 things you'd do with a trillion dollars

1) I
2) don’t
3) know

–> 2 of your goals…

1) To live my life for the glory of God
2) do something important.

–>1 Most important thing to you…

1) “My Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ”

Random Questions…..

93. Do you have a cell?: yes
94 Do you have a computer?: Yes, indeed
95. Most expensive pants?: $25 from Old Navy
96. Most expensive shirt?: I don’t really remember
97. Do you drive?: Yes Ma’am…or Sir…whatever you are.  J
98: What kind of car do you have?: 1997 Saturn SL.  Gold. Stick shift (so much fun!).
99. Are you smart?: Um, well, I get bad grades but my test scores are above
average.  I got college level scores when
I was 14 and passed the High School Proficiency exam when I was 16.  Oh, I still am 16..but that was last May.
100. What kind of grades do you have?:  2 years ago I did really bad, but otherwise
all A’s and B’s.
101. What cool electronics do you have?: I’m about to get a Media Buddy thing
that can store all the pictures I want.
102. Do you have an MP3 player?: no
103 What's your screen name?: Can’t remember
104.What was your first sn ever?: I think….DCRIBaby89
105.Do you use AIM, MSN or yahoo?: MSN and AIM—but I never sign in to AIM
106. How many kids do you want to have someday?: at least 5 or 6
107.What would you name them?: Not telling, or my chances of marriage will be
even slimmer.
108. Do you want to get married?: yes
109.Where do you want to live?:  In the
mountains with 25+ acres.
110.What do you want to study in college?: Photography and Web Design
111.Best concert you've been to?: I hate concerts.
112. Trademark saying of yours?: “Yuh who what?!” “Who, me? Sure.” “Woohoo!” “Who
the?! What the?! How the?!”
113. Favorite quote ever?: Besides the one above… “When I figure out what that
means, I’ll come back with a crushing reply”…or something like that (White
Christmas—can anybody correct me?)
114. Do you like to dance?: Swing, Waltz, and Foxtrot
115.Color you think you look best in?: Mom says Green and Red.  I like wearing browns.
116. If you could dye your hair any color, what would it be?: I can dye my
hair, I’ve tried it, and now I’m suffering the coloring consequences…In other
words, I like my natural hair color and don’t ever get the Herbal Essences
Do-It-Yourself highlighting kit.
117. Any piercings?: yes
118. If so, where?: ears
119. How many?: 2 in each ear
120. Any tatoos?: No
121. Where & What?:N/A
122. If you dont have any, do you want a tatoo?: No way, Jose
123. What kind?: chuckie cheese ones.
124. How many DVD's do you own?: about 5…maybe 7
125. Do you own any TV seasons on DVD/: no
126. If so, which ones?: N/A
127. What's the first pet you ever had?: Gold fish…his name was Bob.  I had to let him into the wild though…actually,
it was our friend’s pond.
128. Favorite grade in school?: 7th was easy.

This or that?

129. Movies at home or movies in the theater?: home
130. Popcorn or candy?: Popcorn
131. East coast or west coast?: West- I want to go back to California, where they know what mountains
132. Snow or rain?: Snow
133. Summer or winter?: Winter in California…I
think Summer in TN…but that is yet to be officially decided.
134. Fall or spring?: Spring
135. Christmas or Valentine's Day? Christmas
136. Audi or BMW?: whatever
137 Range Rover or Rolls Royce?: whatever
138. Breakfast or dinner?: Dinner
139. Pizza or french fries?: Pizza
140. McDonalds or Wendys?: gag me, neither
141. Cell phones or pagers?: Cell
142. Cats or dogs?: dogs
143. Rap or rock?: Rock
144. MP3s or radio stations?: don’t care
145. Pink or orange?: orange
146. Red or yellow?: Red
147. Green or blue?: Both
148. Going to the beach or swimming in a pool? Swimming pool- My grandma’s old
pool to be exact.

I tag anyone who has all the time in the world.

9 Responses to This is the longest tag ever

  1. Weirding me out

    Thanks a whole bunch for totally weirding me out! Jennefer Nicole Igarashi is your real name, but you go by Coie Renee IG? You should be in a mental ward. Though I should probably be rushed there, ‘cuz I am about as insane. Need I bring up my statement on Judge Bork? I will:

    “If the Senate turns down Miers, they (Pres. Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove, Big Oil, etc.)” should be in the basement of the White House re-wiring Judge Bork’s brain to make him more conservative. Well, maybe they should do that now. Miers is just too weak. I still think President Bush should have nominated someone else.”

    Note that that was satirical in nature. Or, as Rush Limbaugh would say, “Illustrating Absurdity by being absurd.”

  2. CAgirlwithasoutherndrawl


    Coie, you are one neato gal. Oh, for those of us that know what real mountains are, we just refer to these “mountains” as the Smoky Foothills.

    ~Mrs. Williams who has heard JOC and Audio A in concert (those things you hate)

  3. I knew that would be funny to read!

    Coie are you sure that your real name is Jennefer Nicole!! Why did you change it? Anyway, thanks for being a sport and doing that!!

  4. BTW…

    It was my pleasure to tag you!! 🙂

  5. Untitled Comment

    Sure, Spunky Jr counts as someone famous! You are indeed a rather interesting person, but you’re so fun…at the same time!

  6. Coie

    We didn’t really get to thank you for all your help with our blog.

    Thank you for all that you did, you are a very special girl and an honor to your parents.



  7. Please comment!

    My mom(MelismaTo4) is having a contest and the prize is a copy of JB Hogan’s book. All the details on how to enter are at . Come comment ASAP. Thanks!

  8. Untitled Comment

    haha, i am sorry to hear you won’t be doing anmore tags. Bc I tagged you!lol But you don’t have to do it…!lol

  9. That…

    …was impressive. When you said 148 questions, I thought you were kidding. More power to you for answering them! BTW, I am most impressed at your tire-changing skills. My tire-changing skills involve using my cell phone to call AAA. You go, girl!!

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