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Christmas Happenings

by coie - December 25th, 2005.
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Christmas Eve:

Mom and Dad took us all to see the new house.  We move next
month!  15 acres…with a pond….and whoever designed/decorated
the house was totally in style………in the 80's.
Bleh heh heh.  Avacodo colored carpet?  Needless to say, the
house could use some work, but the property is georgeous!  We've
been living in rentals for the past 7 years, so this is exciting to own property. 
When I was told it was 3 rooms, I thought I was going to be sharing a
room with my two sisters again, or take over the laundry room (which
isn't really connected to the house), but dad's got it all worked out.
😀  He's the bestesterestest (Don't worry, I'm working on a
pronunciation guide/dictionary that will soon be on my sidebar ;))

We got home and the Suarezes came over for dinner and a gift
exchange.  I got my cousin Paul a stick of dynamite and some other
fireworks and made him promise to wait for me to do it with him. 
I've already claimed a spot on the new property for explosives (I
respectfully explained to mom that that was not the
ideal spot for her goats).  Paul got me $30 to the local Christian
Book Store- just what I asked for!  As Dippy would put it, “We is
best dudes.”.  As I would put it, “Yeah, we're pretty  good
friends I guess.”

They left at about 10:30pm and we cleaned up.

11:00- Electricity goes out.  Yup, electricity outages like to
follow us around.  We lit every candle in the house and got the
lantern out of the garage.  Mom started reading the next chapter
in “The Magicians Nephew (Chronicles of Narnia)”.  I was sitting
on the couch and Dippy pounced into my lap.  Then I jokingly
whined “Ohhh, Dippy, I forgot to get my quilt…”  He replied
with, “Coie, I widdy can't git your kilt” (Coie, I really can't get
your quilt” Then snuggled up and said, “But that's ok, I can be your
kilt!”  Lights came on about 15 minutes later and we finished
cleaning up.  Emmiko mumbled while washing pans “Man, I wish the
power would go off again.”  LOL

Christmas Day: 

The kids woke me up at about 8.  Not sure of the exact time because all of our clocks were blinking 88:88 (that does
mean 8 o'clock right?).  Dad handed me the wrong present first and
I had to wait in suspense to figure out what it went to.  I guess
it's obvious to most people, but not me 😛

No, that there ain't a liquor bottle- TN hillbillies that we may be-
it's a CO2 tank for the PAINTBALL GUN my parents got me! 
Woohoo!  Doing the happy-dance (without the gun in my hands, of
course).  Please note the fuzzy blue slippers and T-Shirt in the
middle of winter (Does that label me as a used-to-Californian or crazy?)

I also wanted to share this picture of my sister Emmiko with her new
“back then bonnet” (It's reversable too!) made by the extremely
talented Tracy.

Christmas Day was great!  And I'm sick from eating so much sugar
and meatloaf.  But, I have a good reason for eating all that
junk.  Shocking as it may be, I've decided to be a vegetarian and
have no sugar for the month of January.  2006 will be my year of
challenging myself.  Weird, ain't I?  How was your Christmas?

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  1. Untitled Comment

    I’m sick too. Too much truffles and ham and clam chowder. Blah…

  2. Thanks for the Candy (I Think)

    Thanks for the candy. [sarcasm]Thanks a lot for the ‘fun’ that is sugared-up little siblings.[/sarcasm]

  3. Untitled Comment


    Thanks for commenting on my site! Yours looks very nice. Out of curisosity…where around in TN (am I correct in thinking you are from TN?) are you? I go to TN often in the summer time for book fairs and such.

    Merry Christmas!!


  4. Untitled Comment


    That is so neat you live in Knoxville!!! I go there every summer for a homeschool book fair. It is always so nice! We are almost “neighbors”!=P How old are you? I am 15.

    Well, ttyl!


  5. Princesslovestolaugh

    What a Christmas 🙂

    Awesomeness! You got a house and and a gun for Christmas!? Yes, ya’ll are definately starting to sound like hillbillies. LOL.

    Your sister has the most adorable face and looks so cute in her ‘back then bonnet”. Aw shucks! I forgot to show your mom the extra dressup stuff I had weeded out 😛 Some of it’s pretty cute, it just doesn’t quite fit any of our usual dress up players, that and the trunk is overflowing.I guess I’ll just have to give it to you when I give ya’ll the dress 🙂

    Although you can tell your mom I won’t feel bad at all if you end up throwing some of it out. Sometimes it’s just easier to let go of certain things if you don’t see how they go out 🙂

    Our Christmas was pretty dull this year compared to yours and one we had 2 years ago(I think) the power went out on that Christmas MORNING. LOL. It was kinda fun though.


  6. Christmas

    My Christmas was the strangest in the world. We opened all of our presents the night before because there wasn’t anytime to do it before church. Then we went to church. Then we went home and had a scruuuuuuuuumptious dinner. And then everyone went to play tennis!!! It was really odd. We are starting new traditions for Christmas. Glad that you had a good Christmas Coie!!!

  7. Untitled Comment

    Sounds like you all had a wonderfully blessed day.

    Our day was wonderful as well. We went to church on Saturday night and than Tracy and I went on Christmas morning. She led the congregation in praise and that was an awesome gift to me.

    I’m excited you all got to visit you soon to be home. I know you will all love living here.

  8. Untitled Comment

    What a great gift! And perfect for your new ‘stead! Don’t shoot your eye out or anything, okay? Goggles and thick cammo…those things sting!

    So did your momsie get one as well? That would be ultra fun to shoot your own momsie…or your little sister…first one killed has to wash dishes for 2 weeks or something…F-U-N!

    Glad you had a great Christmas and I really enjoyed reading all the nice things you said about your sib’s. 🙂 By the way, I completely understood what was said without the translations…I’m just impressed that you could type it all out where it makes sense!



    PS Your return on the kind-deed will be sent via USPS tomorrow. 🙂 I think you will likey…at least I hope you will! And no, it is NOT a re-gift or anything like that…I’ve just been avoiding the post office until after Christmas!

  9. Untitled Comment

    We’ve had a power shortage 2 years in a row. That’s actually kinda fun.


  10. Untitled Comment

    Mmmmm….got candy today.


    I will try to share some of it with the kids…tomorrow…if there’s any left by then…

  11. Untitled Comment

    Looks like you had a good CHRISTmas:) Our electricity went out too (on CHRISTmas) but only for 30 sec.

    I still have a paint scar (or something) on my leg from high school….OUCH!

    Have you ever done “Age by Chocolate”? It’s WEIRD! If you want to see it I posted it. If you’ve never done it, try it.

    Who ever figured this out either really likes chocolate or math or both DUH:P

    0:) Amber

  12. Sounds familiar…

    I had a very similar Christmas. My cousin, Caleb, is also one of my best friends and we had a good time together–but he didn’t give me a present 🙁 That’s OK; I didn’t get him one either. My siblings are CRAZY around Christmas time; two of them, Clay (10) and Emily (12) act like they might be 2yo and 4yo, respectively! They are determined to find a strategy that will enable them to get up in the middle of the night sometime and see the presents–without Mom and Dad knowing. They have never been able to come up with one, however, so they settled for getting up at around 6 a.m. and making sure that everyone else was up at that time as well. I love it, though. They make Christmas fun. I’m also sick of sugar, but continue to eat the leftover desserts…Christmas only comes once a year, anyway.

    Have a wonderful, blessed, joyous day in the Lord!

  13. Gimmee Candy finally came today!

    I can’t believe that “priority mail” took 8 days!!! Yup. But after dinner, my mom and dad, husband and children all gorged ourselves on your yummy candy. My parents were very impressed that it was all homemade! My dad said, “who made these?” to which I replied, “my homeschooling friends in TN”! So thank you Coie! Better late then never and with snail mail, you never know what it’s gonna be! Blessings turtle making queen, ~jen

  14. Untitled Comment

    I don’t think I could not eat ANY sugar for a month!


    Sweet, you got a paintball gun!? That’s awesome!

    *goes back to fixing the blog on ASTF and debating on whether or not to give you the password*


  16. Hi Sweetie

    Happy new year..I love you

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