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ReWrite History!

by coie - December 15th, 2005.
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I stole
this idea from My Momsie, who
actually stole it from TC,
who, actually stole from someone else.  Wow,
that’s not very Christmas-spirit-like, now is it? 


So here's
what you gotta do: Post a comment here with a COMPLETELY MADE-UP, FICTIONAL

It can be anything you want–good or bad–and can
include fellow bloggers, if you wish. (Keep it within a G/PG rating, please.)
I'm anxious to read about our fictional past! Like the time
Tracy and I consumed 10 tubes of lip gloss
each and accidentally got sick all over the dreaded Snowbaby.  Or when me and Spunky Jr. got switched when
we were born (since we are a day apart) and our parents had to meet each other
1 week later to get us back to the right family.


And let
me know if you copy this to your own blog. I'm pretty sure I have some
interesting non-memories of non-events with all of you.

19 Responses to ReWrite History!

  1. I still laugh about the time

    we got together to make tons and tons of gooeycaramelpecan turtle yummies for Christmas giveaway but then your mom came in and just her aura made the caramels rancid and we had to feed it to her goat/llama/deer. Keep her OUT nexttime, maybe chain her to the llamathing and let her graze somewhere.

  2. Shopping……..

    I remember the time that we went to the grocery store. What a wonderful memory. We were just young, on our way to the convent (after we stopped to buy more cereal because I spilled the other stuff You just had to get the cart with the crooked wheels!). Then it happened you walked into the star of the football team at Sarasota High. Well, I should say that until then it was a wonderful memory. “Uh-oh” I thought, for you it was love-at-first-site, “now she’ll never come to the convent with me. I’ll end up being an old evil spinster who is old, alone, done-for.”

  3. πŸ™‚

    I already shared the story about the time I gave birth at your house on your mom’s blog and how you were such a great help… but I spose I could also tell about the time your mom paid us to have my step-son marry you… wait… that was just last week and I wasn’t supposed to say anything… uh… nevermind…

  4. I'll REWRITE yours, now……

    Will you WRITE mine? The truth is, I’m your mother. Your so-called mother won you in a blogging contest…..she apparently can blog better than me.

    0:) Amber

    Like my friend Jammie, I am up at a crazy hour of the night–really, morning.

  5. I figured it out!

    We’ll trade kids, she’ll give me you for one of my kids, baby goats that is…..I’m sure she’ll be happy with that, don’t you? Shhh… now not a word, we’ll be together again.

    0:) Amber

  6. Untitled Comment

    Remember the time I caught you trying to break in to take the snowbaby. You said that you were trying to find something you left here from the day you and your mom came to milk the goats. I knew better ! I am going to get one of those clear cases you can lock stuff up in like in a museum. Than I won’t have to worry about you coming back for the snowbaby. I know better now. : )

  7. Well….

    It all started when I was quietly skating on a frozen pond in MI when frogiggie89 came up to me and said that I was ugly and then punched me. That then started a cat fight. I was bitting frogiggie89's arm and she was pulling my hair when or loving mommys came and soted us out. JenIg told frogiggie89 to tell her side of the story. Because frogiggie89 in a skinny little liar (frogiggie89 I really do love you and all of this is NOT true. Just wanted to clarify that.) swiched the entire story around and said that I started the fight. I of course objected. That got our mommys going. After and hour or two someone called the police. We (me fogiggie89, me, and our mommys) were put in jail and our dads/husbands had to come and pay for bail. Frogiggie89 and I have been arch-enemies ever since.

    The end.

    All of this was made up. I love frogiggie89 and this story couldn't be farther from the truth. : )

    Edited by BeccaLoo on Friday, December 16, 2005 at 6:57 AM

  8. Untitled Comment

    Hmm. I remember in borders that you knocked all of the books of of the bookshelves in the kids section. and since you wouldn’t take care off your mess I started picking up the books while you ran off and hid, just then a borders worker saw me, in the pile off books. And I was totally blamed for it! I got in so much trouble!

    LOL!!! gee, I just had to make it mean! ROFL!!!

  9. Untitled Comment

    Allright fine, I wrote that Borders comment!!!LOL I posted it as anonymous!


    *still laughing*

  10. Untitled Comment

    SORRY!!! totally stole this entry!!!LOL!!!

  11. Untitled Comment

    Oh, remember the first time we met? I still don’t know how we both ended up wandering around the mountains of Tibet… All I know is that my Sherpa ran away after I accidentally stuck the ice pick in his foot. Anyway, I’d like to thank you again for letting me have your last granola bar (I know how much you love the chocolate chip ones) and helping me get back down the mountain safely. If it weren’t for you and your patient sherpa, I would have died up there, and even if I didn’t die, I would have undoubtedly been forced to live in a herd of mountain goats, scampering from ledge to ledge for the rest of my life.

    And that’s no way to live.

    Thank you also for explaining to my Sherpa (who had run away) that I am simply clumsy and quite sorry. Your conversational Nepalese sign langauge skills are astounding. You helped me out so much during that trip, and you didn’t even know me!

    I still don’t feel that I’ve sufficiently paid you back for that… at least I paid for your plane ticket home. If you ever need anything else, let me know; I’d be glad to help. Just, whatever you need help with, make sure it doesn’t involve an ice pick….


  12. Sorry….

    for my horrible spelling in my earlier comment. : )

  13. Untitled Comment

    I remember taking you shopping for an Easter outfit (your mom was too busy tending to her goat). What a trip. You were about six. I kept picking out ruffly, pink dresses and you wanted to buy this leopard skin coat, black dress, and black gloves. I suppose you wanted to dress like me, but your mom would have killed me if you came home with that outfit. We finally compromised on a stylish magenta dress with lime green gloves. You were always ahead of your time, fashion-wise.

    If you still have those gloves, can I borrow them?

  14. My story

    Me and you were taking a walk around a lake. We went around the lake 50 times.

    Then a lady came up to us and stopped us. She said "HI."

    Me and You not knowing who she was said "HI." Then the Lady said "hi"

    Then we said "HI" Then she said "hi" Then we said " Who are you?"

    Then the lady said "HI." Me and you got tiered of the HI lady and tried to walk around her. But she Yelled at us saying "HI" Then me and you started running as fast as we could but she kept running after us and yelling "HI."

    We ran into the woods. She kept running after us and yelling HI still!

    Me and You saw a house and decided to go knock on it QUICK!!

    We knocked as fast as we could then somebody opened the door and we ran into the house. We looked out the window and saw her running past and yelling HI.

    We turned around and saw a huge christmas tree and RedHeadRyann. With abunch of papers in her hands and said "hi." Me and you starred at her with big eyes and yelled!…………………………AND RAN!

    THE END!

    well, bye

    ~*~Felicity~*~ P.S. I hope you like my story! πŸ™‚

    Edited by felicity on Saturday, December 17, 2005 at 8:54 PM

  15. post

    Yeah, I copied this post from Ryann, so I have it on my blog too.



  16. Untitled Comment

    I read the comment you left on your moms blog – your candies sound wonderful.

    Bring me some soon!

  17. Untitled Comment

    Love your blog, Coie!

    And we’re not short. We’re vertically challenged.

    You just haven’t lived until you’ve retreived a jar of peanut butter from the top cabinet shelf with a long pair of BBQ tongs!


  18. Untitled Comment

    I put this contest on my blog. So please come and post our non-history on my blog. Thanks! : )

  19. YUMMY~Pecan Clusters

    How can I order some pecan clusters~they are my favorite and I’m not a chocolate fan.

    0:) Amber

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