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Bible Study

by coie - December 14th, 2005.
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A Sidetracked Focus meets this Friday!

It's going to have a Christmas theme, with a slight twist. 
🙂  We meet at 8:00 PM EST this time (yes, we bumped it up 3

That's all I have time to blog right now.  I'm busy.  So,
take a ticket and sit down.  When I call your number you can tell
me to blog.  And if I don't ever call your number then maybe you
should call mine and leave a message…

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  1. Untitled Comment

    I really ought to call…don’t you have like 1100 hours to use up this month? Maybe I’ll call you…maybe no…..I’m really busy right now 🙂

  2. From Kaitlin

    I’ll call you this weekend!!

  3. hehehe

    That was me Kaitlin ^

  4. ASTF

    Hey, looking forward to it!! You’ll do great, I know it! 😀 I’ll be there!

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