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by coie - December 8th, 2005.
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We have our winners!  For 50th commenter,   LibertyandJustice wins…Good thing he was watching because Wannahawkalougie just wasn’t going to make it. Hehehe


AND NOW—for the best 4 syllable or more-vowels-than-consonants words:

With “GimmeeCandy”

With “queueing” (even though she cheated and posted what, 9 times?)


With word #2: Sphygmomanometer – Also known as a blood pressure cuff. Useful for impressing the doctor

With Uzbekistan which I never done heard of.


I sorta do contests like my mom, huh?  Neither of us know how to count. 1….6…same thing.

TNMOMTO5BLESSINGS– “Auntie Maria”, You were already on my list, so Tracy and Sam, you worked your brain for nothing. LOL

was also on my list.  :D:D

To claim your candy, ‘cept you Tennessee neighbors of mine, just e-mail me your name and address- pjpants @ [take out spaces]. 


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    Congratulations to the winners! I’m so sad that I didn’t even know of the contest. I’ve been way up north in yankee land and most of them yankees aint even civilized enough to have internet access, at least the ones we stayed with.

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    you better not send anybody MY share of the candy. i mean it. i want at least 47 pounds of my own special candies. specially the carmel ones. thems my favert.

  3. Woohoo!

    I would like to thank my mom, whom I convinced to post two totally worthless comments one I saw that there were 47. And yes, she will get at least one piece :).


    Congratulations to all the winners!


    How cool!! So we are winners already.

    I volunteer Tracy to help make candy if you need her.

    Cause she’s good at stuff like that ……unlike her momma who is good at taste testing and stuff like that.

  5. whaaa!

    first you Mom’s minivan and now no fudge!!

    oh well…i’ll get my prize from one of you yet!

    alsakskjdsjdhfg! a;a;lslsksdkjdjdhjfgh!

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    Candy that was not made by nor purchased by moi! 🙂 And sorry for breaking the rules (well, not really) but things they wuz a slowin down…and I canst not wait for the candy.

    So thank you Coie!

  7. I won!!!


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    Hey Coie-

    Is the Bible study still on for Friday?

    I want to make sure my kiddos stop in.

    Why don’t U post about it so everyone gets prepared…huh?????

    Auntie Maria

  9. Cool. Looking fwd to the candeeeee

    And BTW, no it actually was NOT your blog I was reading as I went into ramble mode at 2 am a few nights ago! Merry Joyful Happy Christmas ~Jammie

  10. Hi Coie!

    I love your site! miss you

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