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22 Years Lived (outside of the womb), 1 Year Married

by coie - February 20th, 2011.
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Here are pictures of my birthday/our anniversary trip to Table Rock State Park.  Since we never do anything physically challenging (unless getting out of bed counts), we decided we could easily hike the longest, most strenuous trail available.  Besides, it was *only* an 8 mile trip.  Whooo, those last two miles were really not fun anymore.  But we both really enjoyed the hike in general (and the weather was a wonderful 72 degrees).  We just wouldn’t do it again anytime soon.  Haha.

Here’s the trail:

Click HERE to see the monster blister that Matt got on his toe (stop wincing and just click it, you know you want to).  He had a twin brother on his other foot.

Anyways, here are the pics.  And as a forewarning, our camera has a screen that flips out so if you are like us and like to take “couple” pictures and nobody is around to take it for you, you rely on it.  Unfortunately, in a couple of these, Matt forgot that it is only a screen and not the lens, so he is looking off to the side creepily.  He’s not blind, really.  And if you’re blind, I’m sorry if that last sentence offended you.

Click “view all” if you just want to see them in a non-slideshow format.  I might put some comments on them too.

Ok, ok, one more thing– my birthday presents from Matt were completely contradictory but totally me.  An appointment for a facial and a class to get my CWP along with picking out a gun for myself.

5 Responses to 22 Years Lived (outside of the womb), 1 Year Married

  1. You’re bats. Humans are not meant to hike. It’s in the bible. PS I liked the pic of Matt holding up the cliff.

  2. Happy anniversary! I think I hiked around table rock when I was younger. You’ll have to ask grandpa o….

  3. Fun-ness! Happy Birthday/Anniversary!

  4. happy anniversary!

    The laffodil skirt is adorable, by the way 🙂

  5. Sounds like a great weekend! And what awesome birthday presents! I did the CWP class and it’s AWESOME. You’ll love it. 🙂

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