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The “Laffodil” Skirt

by coie - February 6th, 2011.
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Last night at 9, the time that I am typically getting ready for bed, I had the sudden whim to make a skirt.  A cheerful, springy skirt.  So I rummaged through my fabric “stash” and pulled out two old yellow sheets and a skirt that was made for a five year old (which I was supposed to mend years ago– I do feel guilty about not getting that done…).  At midnight I hopped into bed, satisfied with my new skirt.  Here is the result:

The happiest part was stepping outside to a lovely sunny day and seeing my daffodils (or as I call them, “laffodils”) coming up.  I planted them a few months ago, doubtful that anything would happen since the bulbs were a few years old and felt completely dried out.  Is it silly that I prayed the entire time I planted them and have continued to all this time?  Well, it’s the truth.  And I am so thankful to see them sprouting.

4 Responses to The “Laffodil” Skirt


  2. Awesome skirt – I love it!

    When your “laffodils” bloom, you must post a picture of yourself in that skirt with said laffodils … cuz you’ll match, ya know?

  3. I would never had guessed that you used a sheet! 😀

    I love daffodils! I hope you’ll post a picture when they come up!

    To the KING be all the glory!

  4. Your so beautiful. I miss your spiffiness.

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