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Why I Choose to Believe the Bible

by coie - November 2nd, 2010.
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So somebody asks you what you believe about an issue.  You give them your answer.  Next question: why do you believe that way?  Because the Bible says ______ about it.  And then the question that ends the conversation with you feeling defeated and your challenger with more reason to not believe the Bible (unless you can actually give a satisfactory answer): And why do you choose to believe the Bible?  What is your answer?  This video is definitely worth your time whether you believe or not.  It is about 45 minutes and broken into 5 clips.  Please let me know your thoughts.


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  1. Voddie is in my top 5 of favorite speakers. Actually…top 3. Maybe top 2. 🙂 I’ll have to watch these when I have the time.

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