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Faithful Defiance

by coie - May 13th, 2009.
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There is a customer who comes into Home Depot that I refer to as “The Nazi”. His very character is assertive and leaves no room for argument. My first encounter with him went something like this.

Nazi: “What’s your nationality?”
Me: *funny look* “Uh, well, I’m mostly German-“
Nazi: “What’s your nationality?!”
Me: “I’m a mix of diff-“
Me: “Well, I’m trying-“
Nazi: “You’re AMERICAN!!!! That’s the problem with kids these days, they have no idea that they’re American. It’s no wonder America is turning out the way it is… [insert rambling rant]”

So for the last year and a half, whenever he comes in he points at me authoritatively and demands to know my nationality. And to avoid further conversation, I give him the answer he wants. But usually I just hide from him. Not today. I walked past him from a distance a couple times to make sure he knew I was there. He left without a word. But then he came back in to return his shopping cart and when he saw me standing nearby, he gave his demanding question with a triumphant grin. My reply?

“It doesn’t matter.”
Nazi: *indignant look* (what’s this, his compliant underling thwarting his script?) “Yes it DOES matter!”
Me: “No, it doesn’t, because my identity is not found in my nationality.”
Nazi: [insert story of a white guy who was raised in Kenya and got kicked out of school because he’s white.]
Me: “My identity is found in Jesus Christ so my nationality means nothing.”
Nazi: “Oh, well, you believe in Christ…ok, so do the Jews…”
Me: “No, they don’t.”
Nazi: “Yes, they do. The Jews believe in Jesus Christ. Are you saying they don’t?!”
Me: “They believe he is nothing more than a man in history. I believe he is the Messiah.”
Nazi: “They’re still waiting for him to show up.”
Me: “Right. I believe he has already come, and that’s where I place my identity.”
Nazi: “They’ll [the government] forbid you to worship.”
Me: “No they won’t.”
Nazi: “Well, they’ll make laws you can only do so in your own home.”
Me: “If they do, I’ll rebel.”
Nazi: “You’ll be all alone.”
Me: “No I won’t.”
Nazi: “Yes you will.”
Me: “There will always be a faithful few.”
Nazi: “Don’t you see they are picking groups out and weeding them out of the picture?”
Me: “I don’t care. I’m secure in Christ.”
Nazi: “You’ll be alone.”
Me: “I don’t care if they kill me for it. I find my security and identity in Christ alone.”
Nazi: “Oh… well…I think she needs you over there…”

And sure enough, someone did need my help, but I don’t think I’ll be asked that question again. I would typically be a mumbling mess, but I think my prayers for confidence and words were answered right about then. Now I need to work more on the humility aspect…

18 Responses to Faithful Defiance

  1. i wish i had your courage.

  2. The manager in me wants to know how old this man is and why on EARTH your bosses/coworkers are letting him accost you (and presumably their other employees) this way.

    Good for you for standing your ground, but this is abusive and you shouldn’t have to deal with it. Leastwise, you wouldn’t have had to if you worked for me.

    Just my .02, not that it’ll get you anything with inflation. 😉

  3. WOW! Coie – you did great! God Bless your efforts and continue to give you courage to speak up for HIM!!

  4. good job!!! its important to speak up against bullies like that! its very inspiring 🙂

  5. Wooohoo! Way to go Girl! You tell him!
    I am so proud of you for standing up to him.

  6. Nicely done Coercion!

  7. *grin* I think people like that, who try to intimidate you, are quite comical! I probably would have decided to be stubborn, and kept up with, “Well, I’m quite a mix of nationalities …”, no matter how many times he asked me!
    It sounds like you did a great job, Coie … ready to give an answer.

  8. COIE!!!!! I’M SO PROUD OF MY BIG SISTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m gonna be just like you.

    When did this happen? I need to talk to you.

  9. Atta girl! Faithful Defiance is a great title for this post! I pray that God uses these bold words to grip the heart of this unfortunate man. He’s really very afraid. Afraid and angry. Don’t be surprised if he comes back with another line of attack. Just keep praying.

  10. What an odd fellow! Looks like you handled that very faithfully, however. Good job!


  11. That last line got me. 😀

  12. Wayy to go!! xD

    That is coooolio.

  13. If you tell him you’re praying for him, that’ll really send him over the top! But be prepared, I have a feeling the next time you see him he will have some comment or question that will again leave you speechless or mumbling. Sounds to me like HE is the one that needs a big piece of humble pie, you did very well.

  14. “For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood…” is what came to mind after drying a few tears. then the Scripture Matthew 10:32,33 about confessing Jesus before men.
    thank you for this inspiring post Coie! i hope and pray i will be that faithful if/when i need to be.
    traci 😀

  15. AWESOME!!!

    Much love to you guys and gals!
    Mrs. Carr

  16. Jessimoko...or whatever it was ;)

    Wow! I miss you! Haha you’re great

  17. AMEN. Way to stand up and speak the truth! I’m sure that is something he will not soon forget…

    You planted or watered or something… either way, you were obedient to God and it makes a difference!

  18. Oh and these comments are me being fashionably late to your blog. 🙂

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