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Swine Flu

by coie - April 30th, 2009.
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I saw this on someone’s Facebook page today:

Someone once said that the day we would have a black president is the day that pigs flew. Sure enough, 100 days into Obama’s presidency: Swine Flu.

I’m really not concerned about this new disease, but I’m pretty laid back about anything, so my opinion probably doesn’t count. I’m not much of a fatalist.

But speaking of President Obama, I hope that my fellow Christians are praying for and respecting him as our leader, even if we are opposed to his views. God is the one that places rulers/leaders in their position, to accomplish His perfect plan.

Anyone going to be at the homeschool convention in Arlington, TX next weekend? If so, stop by the Rosetta Stone booth and say howdy to me and momsie. Actually, don’t say howdy. I can’t stand that word.

3 Responses to Swine Flu

  1. Howdy.

  2. ps you are wise to not worry about the Swine Flu. There’s only been 7 deaths world-wide… do you know how many people die of the REGULAR flu *each* year? thousands upon thousands. It’s just another thing the media is using to scare the crazies out of us. Stupid media.

  3. Thanks Coie! I’m glad that you’ve got such a compassionate and level-headed approach to this. I agree with your super awesome aunt, and I read an article quoting that 50,000 Americans a year die from the flu. I don’t know if it’s accurate, but I sure hope that the Mexican health system, and the health systems of other developing countries aren’t put under even more strain if this *knock on wood* spreads. And that’s a pretty big if.

    God bless, and I hope your momsie lets you have some swinging time! 🙂

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