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Plant A Rant

by coie - April 23rd, 2009.
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So yesterday was Earth Day.  I hate Earth Day.  I’m not a tree hugger and I don’t worship the earth.  I worship the One who created the earth, and made man out of dirt. I have dominion over the earth.  I don’t think it deserves to have its own day.  And because I dislike Earth Day so much, I was contrary all day at work.  I disregarded safety standards and climbed pallets of wall blocks to hang a sign.  I broke dress code and wore a T-shirt.  This one:

I even threatened to cut down a tree and shoot a chicken hawk (oh, I can just see the comments that will accompany this post). 

But then I got off work and bought $40 worth of flowers and shrubs to restock the planter that I built for mom last year, and to put in the “whiskey barrel” I found in our shed a couple weeks ago….I fully expected my momsie to be excited and happy about it (which she was) and even blog about it.  But she didn’t.  She blogged about the *kiwi* that Aunt Spiffy got her.  But not my flowers and shrubs, which I even followed up and *planted* for her.  I’m hurt.  Truly wounded.

So then, to follow up my glorious day, I was elected to deliver chickens that Ryann sold today.  Because naturally, since Ryann doesn’t have her drivers license and I have mine, that makes me her slave.  I’m allergic to chickies.  Within two minutes my car smelled less than spiffy and I was sneezing my eyeballs out.  But we actually got along alright.  Between my excellent driving and the Indian / African music that I was playing in my car, I had those suckers mesmerized.  I claim positively no responsibility if those chickens started belly dancing and / or charming snakes when they got to their new location.

That’s the end of my post.  It deserves no eloquent closing.

8 Responses to Plant A Rant

  1. ha. If the aforementioned ( and by that I mean that I mentioned afore on facebook)quilt would have been in my grubby hands, I would have signed your name to the card. Oh. Wait. There was no card. Because I think cards are useless and an utter waste of money. So never mind.

    ~Auntie S.

  2. Belly. dancing. chickens.

    Now there is a doozy of a mind picture…….

  3. Four suggestions from the mother you love:

    1) Decaf
    2) Prozac
    3) Qualudes
    4) New purchase of an additional groovy Indian CD

  4. Yeah … not a big “Earth Day” fan either.
    Nice shirt!

  5. whooops, just realized i had signed in as you. but i do think it’s funny to see you prescribing yourself qualudes. Just say no to prescription drugs.

  6. Erf day is SOOOOOOOOO dumb. I agree 100%.

  7. I am not confident that the earth would celebrate its own holiday. With all of that groaning and all (Romans 8). So shoot a chicken hawk for me too. I like mine medium rare…..

  8. I didnt know you had a blog!!! this is really coool!!! and inspired me to play my own indian music! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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