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Asians Rock

by coie - April 12th, 2009.
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I really should be packing for the Ohio homeschool convention that mom and I are leaving for on Wednesday, but instead I’ve been personalizing my luggage (even though we’re not flying) and getting a pedicure from my own personal asian toe artist, Emmiko.  Ah, simple joys.  I think all my toenail clippings landed directly into one of the shoes that Charley left here on the last Preston visit.  A small present for next time.

Another good Sunday- we are really enjoying our new church.  Everybody shared their testimonies today in celebration of Resurrection Sunday (don’t say Easter in front of Mrs. T!).

Ok, must go.  Happy Asian girl is using mom’s tweezers to clean under my nails. 


Momsie is going to kill one of us.

7 Responses to Asians Rock

  1. You. Are. Both. *DEAD*

  2. *totally roaring with laughter right now!*

    Your Momsie may well let you keep those tweezers.

    My husband used mine to pick belly button lint out of his navel.

    (He is now the proud owner of said tweezers. And I have shiny new ones. I was *ahem* generous enough to say he could just take them with him on his trip for more navel picking.)

  3. GROOOOOSS!!!!!

  4. OK, two things:
    1. ICK!
    2. Have fun in Ohio!

  5. What’s the big deal? Sometimes I use my toothbrush on my toes while borrowing Jen’s pillow to rest my delicate feet on. Have fun in OH!

    j/k… This one is actually fo yo momma, you’re impervious to anything some would deem disgusting. I am too, except when it comes to the kitchen. I think kitchens are gross, yet I love the product of a kitchen – weird.

  6. Charley, I’m fine with that as long as you’re using *your* toothbrush on your toes. Or Jessie’s … Or Coie’s.

  7. I mean I’m standing behind you brushing my teeth reading over your shoulder. Much simpler

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