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by coie - April 6th, 2009.
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I’m really thankful for the different people God has placed in my life.  He really is good.  I love looking back throughout the years and having Christian faces pop out here and there, reminding me of their influence in my life.  I only hope I have the same effect among my friends and especially to younger ones that are so easily influenced.

I’m also really thankful that God has given me a friend here locally that I can go and chat for hours with (and she understands my phone-phobia and has only called me once in the last…6 months (?) that we’ve known each other!).  There are only three girls my age that I consider to be my closest friends, but the other two are in different states (IL and CA).  God was gracious to place this one close by.  Even if it meant plucking her out of her home state (Sorry, friend, I think your move was all for my sake.  *grin*).  He knew we could encourage each other.

What are you thankful for?

6 Responses to Thankful

  1. YOU!

  2. my friend who is exactly what you described….i think you know her. 😀

  3. All of my friends are pretty far away too – you’re right – it’s a huge blessing to have a friend nearby.

  4. Mrs. Roy TOTALLY stole the ONLY four characters I was planning on putting in this comment.

  5. i’ll say it again: I’m thankful that Eden will have an AUNTIE COIE! Lucky lucky her!

    i love you!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’m thankful for my bride and my dorky-cool inlaws in TN.

    I’m wondering at what age cousins turn into Aunts. 😛

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