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One of Them Posts….

by coie - April 5th, 2009.
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This is one of those posts where the owner of the blog that you are reading has nothing in particular to say, yet feels somewhat compelled to update it, nonetheless.  Why?  I’ve no idea.  It’s a strange, unexplanatory psychological battle.

Summer is on the way!  I’m really not sure why I made that so exclamatory but according to dad, I’ve been over-expressive in my telling of stories today, which he has found somewhat entertaining.  But when tidbits are only half interesting they require enthusiasm to keep your audience enraptured.  Anyways, I don’t really like summer, but it sure is beautiful here during those months.  The leaves are *almost* out on all the trees. 

We enjoyed a barbeque after church at our new friends’ house, where stories and laughing were plentiful.  Ryann went home with Mrs. Taggart to keep her company for a few days while Mr. Taggart is in Papau New Guinea.  Emmi and I got dropped off at the train tracks by our house on the way home so that we could walk the remaining mile or two in the lovely weather.  If it had been any warmer, we would have regretted our decision. 

I like relaxing days.

3 Responses to One of Them Posts….

  1. I like summer in WA – I hear tell it’s typhoon season here + triple digit days….so we’ll see how much I like summer after one in Oki. LOL

    As for posts about nothing – ah well…sometimes they are fun. Go fer it. 🙂 At least this time I didn’t call you fertilizer in my rambling comment, right?

  2. I’m so glad you knwo your way home…even while you are walking.. did I tel you I got lost.. I’ll never forget that!
    Thanks so much for getting the extra Plexiglas from the extra birdhouse. You made Sarah’s day!!!! And thansk for reminding us that it was yesterday.. you may have to remind me again next month… I lost the little paper to out on my fridge!!! ….lost is becoming something I am good at lately…..

  3. i wish i coulda come to the bbq. I’m always hungry but never feel like cooking. that would have been splendid.

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