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Homeschoolers Amuse Me

by coie - March 30th, 2009.
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Imagine a freckle-faced, sunburned 20 year old giggling and squeaking her head off, and then proceeding to summon the entire household to come watch, and you’ll be seeing me while enjoying THIS VIDEO which greatly amused me.

I spent 7 1/2 hours straight outside in the sun today.  I’m determined to conquer my whiteness, under the pretense of cleaning up the property.  So far, so bad.  Well, the property looks better, but I don’t feel so well…

In other un-pretty news, Dippy asked me this morning, “Have you been eating a lot of pizza lately?” … “Nope.” … “Well, have you had a lot of candy because, well, I’m not trying to insult you, but you said that when you ate lots of sugary stuff or pizza and stuff like that you get lots more freckles.”  He meant zits.  Flattering, eh?

4 Responses to Homeschoolers Amuse Me

  1. oh… *that’s* what you were cackling about whilst I was trying to read

  2. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA that is awesome. I love some of the expressions the guy in the striped shirt makes. He reminds me of Steve from Blue’s Clues (maybe they shoulda gotten him to take over instead of that guy who played “Joe” and ruined it).

    BTW Winky was rocking out with them… he gave it two binkies up.

  3. (oops, hit submit too soon)
    What I meant to say is that two binkies up is a good thing. It’s that or he spits on things he doesn’t like.


  4. Ouch. Gotta love honest little brothers. At least he clarified that he wasn’t intentionally being insulting … it just happened that way … couldn’t be helped. 🙂

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