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A New Church

by coie - March 25th, 2009.
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This last Sunday we had the pleasure of attending a church that is being started in our area. It is being headed up by one of the former elders at the church we used to attend in Maryville. He and his wife are “church-planters” and felt called to minister to the believers in our vicinity, since finding a church that teaches the whole counsel of God is rare around here. Anyways, it is amazing to me to see the freedom of fellowship that we have between believers. Here we showed up in a stranger’s home for church (along with this other family that already knew them) and talked and laughed, sang, prayed and worshiped together like the best of friends. It is because we have a commonality in Christ. It really is beautiful.

I like where this is going. I look forward to upcoming opportunities to serve and learn and grow. I like the unity that they are striving for. And I greatly respect the leadership. God is good.

*EDIT*  Click Here to read a great post from one of my favorite blogs.

3 Responses to A New Church

  1. This is so awesome. 🙂 I checked out their site from the link your mom put on her blog. They sound like wonderful folks. I hope it continues to go well and the church has good growth. They’ve planted the seed and they’ve got great fertilizer in your family.

    Wait – why did that sound like a compliment until I typed it? *haha*

    Seriously, wishing y’all much success there!!!!

  2. The WSJ just published an interesting article on the re-emergence of church planting emphasis in the American Church.

  3. i’m happy that you guys have such a neat ministry opportunity with this church plant.

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