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Flowers for the Fritsch’s!

by coie - March 12th, 2009.
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Mr. Fritsch, this post started out being solely for your benefit.  Posting pictures of daffodils for the lovely Mrs. Fritsch seemed like an easy enough task.  I knew I had some good ones in old files on an external hard drive…then I got distracted by all the old pictures, and even ran into some funny ones and a few of my photoshop experiments.  So I am presenting you *all* with an entire bouquet of flowers (from California days) and other pics that I dug up…Because we all could use a touch of Spring.

Here’s where they get weird…


Ready for the next one?  Are you sure?  It’s for mom.  She likes it.  I wasn’t going to post it.  It’s just a flashback.  *embarrassing*

That’s me at age 3 and 16, respectively.  On the bottom picture I was helping to build these:

I cannot believe that was four years ago…

14 Responses to Flowers for the Fritsch’s!

  1. I don’t want to admit you’re a better welder than I, proven by the fact that you can.

  2. Yes, but can she cook?

  3. Hmm, I would say yes, but first hand informers may decide differently. I think I’ll set this one to the side, for now. *grin*

  4. awwwww…. i remember when you were 3!!!! YOU were SOOO CUTE! 🙂 What happened?

    just kidding.
    love you!

  5. i miss my little tiny cutsie mookies. why did you grow up? you were so good at being three. i actually miss you from all your previous ages. each year was special and different and really wonderful.

    you’re the weirdest child i’ve ever met. how come you never went thru a rebellious stage? that’s not ‘normal’, you know.

    oh wait… i just remember the time you screamed for two hours straight when you were 2 and half. i literally wanted to lock you outside on the patio.

  6. You can cook! You’re the BEST. You’re even better than me.

  7. You know, Coie, somehow that welding picture doesn’t surprise me. No it doesn’t, not one little bit. I expect if you ever put your mind to something, it’s as good as done.

    But can you knit? Wait, wait, don’t answer that….. 🙂

  8. Mama, remember the time I rolled my eyes (age 9)? I still feel guilty… 😀

    Ryann, you *cracked* me up with your comment. I’m so glad my cooking is better than your’s. And I’ll have you know, it’s hard to crack up quietly, when mom is sleeping right behind me.

    MammyPie – Yes, I can knit! But I prefer sewing and quilting. I cannot crochet…Ryann does the knitting and crocheting around here. *grin*

  9. Your posts are fun! Like you!!!
    and you make me smile …..

    he he heeee

  10. oh YES! i *do* remember the eyerolling incident. boy oh boy did I let you have it.

    Did I tell you that James rolled his eyes at Ryann the other day? And it was funny because he doesn’t even really know HOW to do it so he looked ridiculous. So I told him, “Oh heavens… do you know what you just said to Ryann? When you roll your eyes that means you’re saying she’s stupid”. he looked stunned but he didn’t bawl his eyes out like you did.

    On another note… i took ryann and james into town and ryann hopped out to run into the store. When she came back i told him, “here comes your sister!” and he told me, “no no… here comes my HONEY”

  11. I think Coie is going to be VERY rebellious between 26 and 32. The wild oats will be flying off in all directions.

  12. askdflksjfsjfda; what *ever* charley

  13. Um. Maybe she didn’t go through a ‘rebellious period’, but don’t you remember ALL THOSE TIMES she deliberately did stuff just to get me in trouble?? She was a big, fat antagonist. Not that I was a perfect little pumpkin head either, I’m just saying…

  14. Yoie Coie,

    A BIG THANK YOU for the FLOWERS! My printer is down, but I brought Monica over to the computer with her eyes closed and told her that I had “electronically” picked her the first flowers of the spring. She absolutely loved them! The pictures will do us just fine until they bloom up here!

    Thank You Coie!


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