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A Day In the Life of Coie: How to Get a Free Starbucks

by coie - February 26th, 2009.
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First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my FAVORITE 15 year old sister, Ryann.  She is exactly 5 years and a week younger than me, and she is one cool chick.  That wasn’t always the case.  We didn’t actually like each other until about 3 years ago.  We knocked heads, our personalities clashed, and she was a spazz (she still is).  After dramatic life changes, lots of humbling and both of us longing for a good relationship we became best friends.  I am so thankful.  And although our personalities are so opposite, we strive to work together and we even things out.  As she put it, “When we go out in public together we represent a perfect balance.  They see me and think, ‘Yeah, she’s pretty normal but hyper’ and they see you and think, ‘She’s funky but quiet'”…Somehow she thinks that makes us look normal.

I became convinced of my complete lack of brain today.  On my lunch break, I went out to my car to sit (like always).  I forgot both books I’m reading, so I was bored.  And it was hot.  I actually sweated.  In February!  So I thought to my brilliant self, “I’ll go to Starbucks and get myself a frappucino since I’ve got that gift card.  Say, I’m smart!”  So I proceeded across the street and got into the drive-thru.  I ordered my java chip frappucino with great gusto, still reveling in my wonderful idea.  Then I pulled forward and waited for the people in front of me.  It was taking a long time.  I reached for my gift card, and ACK!  I didn’t have my purse!  I left it in my locker at work!  I was stuck in the drive-thru so I couldn’t tell them to stop making my drink, and just hoped they would ask for payment before making it.  No such luck.  I sat in my humiliated state of mind for a full 3 minutes contemplating before it was my turn to pull up.  I almost darted past.  But no, I had to face them.

The girl started giving me my drink while quipping the outrageous total.  I stopped her and started talking sixteen to a dozen, “Listen, you’re going to think I’m a complete goofball, but I work across the street at Home Depot, and I’m on my lunch break and left my purse over there, so if you’ll just hold that drink for me, I’ll be back in 2 minutes to pay for it!”

Her response?  “Oh, no problem, just take it!”  I tried to argue, but she insisted that it was no big deal.  I kept waiting for the cops to come after me, but as of yet, I’m still a free person.

So now you know how to get a free frappucino.  But you didn’t hear it from me.

10 Responses to A Day In the Life of Coie: How to Get a Free Starbucks

  1. Mr Roy and I were out the other night and stopped at that same Starbucks and we got 3 free muffins and 1 free blueberry cake… they have given away other freebies too… that must be the most generous Starbucks around.. I am going to memorize yoru lines and try it sometime.. NOT! 🙂

  2. lol.. that’s a great trick. I’ve done it before and works brilliantly almost every time.

    If you were so bored on your lunch break, why didn’t you call ME like you normally do??? Now I’m offended.

  3. Your last post was solid.

    And in this post you used the word chick and you’ve shopped at Gap in the last week.

    You’re getting cooler by the hour…

  4. Charley, “chick” is a farm word and “Gap” just describes the locals’ teeth…

    I remain your delightfully nerdy, unsocialized, goofy grinning niece,


  5. They have teeth (plural) in TN? Yes, Miss Coie, you had some good reading material there from JC Ryle. I like that stuff.

  6. Can you try that trick today at Bass Pro Shop on your way home? Daddy would like a new boat.

  7. Her Saturn couldn’t tow a boat.

  8. I actually feel like I’m interupting these comments to comment.

    Free Starbucks = Awesome!

  9. Charley, my car has more talent than you credit it for.

    Mammypie– Well, its complicated really. Sometimes if you get a roomful of locals, you can get a full set of teeth.

  10. That’s genius. I wish I liked coffee–I would go out immediately and try it.

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