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Girly Times

by coie - February 22nd, 2009.
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Wow, the last few days have flown by.  Mom, Jess, Ryann and I have done lots of shopping (with birthday money – the best kind!), gone out to eat with friends, and mom, dad, Jess and Charley picked me up from work last night and took me out to eat with them.  I am trying to remember the last home cooked meal I’ve had.  I’m pretty sure it was before the Great Preston Arrival.  That may change tonight.  Dad and Charley have been building a barbeque grill from an old water pump all day.  It’s pretty dang cute, if you ask me.  Whoops, I mean manly.  Charley glared at me when I said it was cute.  Here’s a bunch of pictures (Jess posted some too)…scroll over for captions.

3 Responses to Girly Times

  1. I envy James awesome chop stick abilities. I can’t use them at all. Looks like you are having a lovely time together.

    Oh….that sure is a MANLY looking grill.

  2. How blessed you are…. hee heee heee


    If building a grill involves fire of any sort, it cannot and must not be called cute. I really want to learn to weld. I wonder if there’s a DVD course on that? j/k.. sorta…

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