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I’m 92% Sure I Didn’t Ask for This…

by coie - February 18th, 2009.
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So I answered the phone at work today and heard, “Coie!  Just who I wanted to talk to!  Happy Birthday, a day early!”  It was Winston, an older gentleman who I work with.  It was his day off, but he told me he was bringing me a cake since I wouldn’t be there tomorrow.  Oh heavens, I was excited.  This is the man that wins first place every time we have a dessert contest.  He actually made two cakes (which I had declared “divine” before) and split them in half, combining them into one.  One half is coconut and the other half is strawberry.  YUM! 

Now, I clearly remember asking another co-worker to make me a cheesecake, but I’m almost positive I never even hinted for this masterpiece.

Is that not the very picture of heavenly yumminess?

Here is a picture of something that a customer made for me a few weeks ago.  He and his wife are very sweet, and make sure to catch me every time they walk into the store.

Ain’t it charming?  It’s made entirely of clothespins!  I think I’ll keep it to hang in my future laundry room.

14 Responses to I’m 92% Sure I Didn’t Ask for This…

  1. YUM! Nuff said about that.

    I am curious to know if there are talks of a laundry room to come soon 😉 , and Winston wouldn’t be the one you’ve been grinning about would it? Sorry to pry, I just love all this stuff 🙂 It wasn’t all that long ago that I was courting and all that stuff.

  2. BTW-I need his coconut cake recipe. I have been on a search for a wonderful recipe for more than 5 years now. See if you can nab that for me, if you get a chance.

  3. I am curious about he laundry room myself….could you elaborate a little please. I need to sit near your mom Friday… I got questions and I want answers : )

    That cake is indeed heavenly…. i think you deserves it because you are so sweet!!!

    Have a wonderful birthday!

  4. That is an absolutely lovely cake! It does not amaze me that people make you cakes and bring you presents. You are such a wonderful young woman, and it shows.

    Happy Birthday Coie!

    ~Aunt Spiffy

  5. Wow….that is amazing. The cross. Well, the cake too! I think the recipes for the cakes should be in your hope chest. *wink wink nudge nudge* Perhaps I will tell R to make you one of her famous potholders as well. (Well, semi-famous. I blogged it. That makes her famous, right? lol)

    I hope you had an AMAZING birthday. Many hugs!!!

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my most favorite people in the whole wide world!!! I still can’t believe you’re already 20. I still see you as that goofy little kid who always got me in trouble. ;p WHOever ends up getting you someday is going to be one lucky fellow… You’ve turned into an amazing woman of God! I’m glad my little Eden will have you as a roll model to look up to. If she turns out half as awesome as you, ill be one happy momsie. Love you tons and thrilled we can be here to share this day with you!

  7. Isn’t the furry texture of coconut cake delightful to behold? Your co-workers must love you lots. Have a sweet day, Miss Coie!

  8. Happy Birthday Mookies!!! Sorry all my friends are wink winking and nudge nudging you. But we can’t help it; it’s all just so cute.

    But… for the record I will publically state that there is *no* ‘active courtship’ going on. We simply met a really neat family that we all really really like. A lot. wink wink nudge nudge. Whooops, I had resolved not to do that anymore. But no, we’re all just good pals. : )

  9. Happy Birthday!

    That is a fine looking cake.

  10. Happy Birthday from New Orleans!

  11. HA!!! I just realized an area of power that I just recently gained.

    Feel the power, Kronk.
    Oh, I feel it.

    More broccoli?

    Can you PLEASE figure out if Caroline (is that how she spells it? I think you told me they spell it differently) has an email or blog or something so I can correspond with her???

    Still thinking up a gift for you. Wait a couple more days for it.

    -Yer Seester

  12. Happy Birthday from Michigan. Twenty is fun, but then so are all the other years. Except 13…I hated that one.

  13. Okay, HAPPY BIRTHDAY on this post! 🙂

    That cake looks absolutely delicious. What a thoughtful coworker!

    The clothespin cross is perfect for a laundry room. May God continue to bless you as you bless others at work, Coie! It’s obvious that others notice.

  14. I would like a little piece of both. Please. With ice cream….

    Oh, yeah, and happy birthday.

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