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by coie - February 5th, 2009.
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I am so tired, and I haven’t got anything interesting to blog about.  I just thought I should update it.

*edit*  I just remembered something interesting.  One of my dad’s customers gave him a ton of ground deer meat today.  At least 15-20 pounds, I’d say.  I love deer meat!  Is anybody jealous?

3 Responses to Propaganda

  1. I’m totally jealous, actually. If you hear a person sneaking into your house and then stumbling around because they don’t know the floor plan and are totally jet lagged from flying around the world to steal your venison…. well….uh, er, it’s not me.


    But I’ll be like a little Okinawan Santa Claus and I’ll leave chopsticks and purple sweet potatoes in your socks as payment.

  2. i’m not jealous. Ever since I got pregnant i haven’t been able to stomach any kind of meat other than store-bought chicken or beef. You want some moose meat to go with that venison?

  3. Not jealous. I just went through about half a deer last week. I still got several large pieces to cook off. ground meat is a good way to go though.

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