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The Quilt Is Almost Done

by coie - November 1st, 2008.
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Well, we leave for Illinois in less then a week and I have almost finished my quilt.  It only needs the binding sewn up and then I will post a final picture.  Other then that, no more posts ’til after the barn dance!  🙂

Quilting it.

Not the greatest picture…but most definitely the greatest sewing machine.  Made in the 50’s (I believe) by Singer and given to me by a dear couple.

Quilting closeup.

My messy head.

Most of the quilt, but doesn’t include the dark brown binding.

The fun part about this quilt is that a lot of the materials were bits and scraps that I had leftover from skirts or other projects, and as I mentioned before, I’m pretty sure I made up the pattern.  Now I need a name for the pattern — any suggestions?

4 Responses to The Quilt Is Almost Done

  1. Did you piece the quilt with the machine or just quilt the quilt with the machine? How does that work out for ya? I’ve done all of mine completely by hand and it takes so long that I had thought about using the machine to quilt them but I wasn’t sure how well it would work out not having a “quilting” machine.

    Beautiful by the way!

  2. I don’t know why you don’t like the name I originally came up with…

    🙂 I love you mookie pookers. I wish you were home right now because I am bored and Ryann is too busy to try and make me laugh. I guess I’ll go clean something. I’ll start with my teeth. Did you know that Dad keeps hiding his toothpaste? I don’t know why he is opposed to me using his toothpaste. Asians are weird.

  3. Coie, you are such an inspiring young woman! I truly am in awe of your talent!

    My vote for the name of the pattern is…’The Barn Dance’, or how ’bout ‘The Virginia Reel’. That way your great, great, great grandkids have a historic story to tell about your quilt pattern.

    But, I’m going to let my 9 yr old daughter look at your quilt, she’s really creative, I’ll let you know what her idea is. Good luck picking a name for your pattern.

    Gina D.

  4. Your quilt looks lovely. It’s nice to see that someone actually has an older sewing machine than I do.

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