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Candy and Contests!

by coie - December 5th, 2005.
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Well, it's candy-making season
again.  Woohoo!  Mom found a bunch of candy recipes last year
and said, “Coie, make these.  These are our Christmas gifts to our
friends this year.”  I thought it looked sorta fun and got to
work. Fortunately, mom went into a sugar-coma before *all* the candies
disappeared.  So, that's what we are doing this year too. 

Two of you readers get to win a box of candies, which will include the following:

chocolate covered cherries
butter pecan fudge
chocolate walnut fudge
caramel truffles
peppermint taffy
and other stuff I can't remember the name of.

Here's what you gotta do. 
Your first comment can only have one word and that word either has to
have 4 syllables or more vowels than consonants (You *cannot* put Coie
The one with the coolest word (according to me) and the 50th commenter gets a box of candies.

If you are already on my list to get these candies, and you happen to be #50, the next commenter will win.

My family cannot enter this contest as they will already be consuming the candy as soon as it's deemed “edible”.

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  1. 4 syllable word


  2. Untitled Comment

    micmac is a neat word.

  3. Hey! Great blog!

    Hi Coie! I was able to get in your blog! “) It looks like you did a fabulous job with it! “) Thank you for showing it to me! I would love to try and do this Bible study with you! If time permits I will try and do it! “D What a great idea! Do you know the true meaning of the Candy Cane and the story behind it? It’s really neat! Well, I need to go now. God bless!

  4. Untitled Comment

    I am going to take a shot:


    Ooops that is not a word in the dictionary! It is a word from some lab rats! Ha ha ha

  5. 4 syllable word…

    Chocoholic !!!

  6. Untitled Comment

    I love my husband. He works hard as an E*LEC*TRI*CIAN!

  7. Untitled Comment

    HOMESCHOOLBLOGGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does that count? LOL


  8. I know, I know, the contest is over


  9. Untitled Comment


    Can I get my candy now? The carmel truffles sound good too. Which ever is easier and I’m in no rush, so get settled in your new home, relax, enjoy and then do it. I just hope I get it before we move to NC-LOL! I don’t know if we will or not, but I pray we do, please pray too. If I do, we’ll be kinda sorta neighbors, then you can just walk over the mountains and deliver my candy:) It’ll be good exercise, better than a lipgloss diet-LOL!

    0:) Amber

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