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I'm In Duluth, Doloriuth!

by coie - April 18th, 2008.
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Is it just me or is Duluth the funniest name ever for a city?  Anyways, when we first got here, I thought it rather mean of Rosetta Stone to send us to such a state.  It looked rather cold and gloomy, and I thought everyone would be angry (whenever we go to Michigan, which is cold and gloomy, half the population looks like they forgot their morning cup of caffeine and they don’t plan on being good-natured any time soon).

But I’m actually enjoying myself here and everyone is extremely friendly, and their accent is charming.  I keep slipping into it as I talk.  I should have known everyone would be like that, because the wonderful Mrs. Johnston is from MN and she’s VERY VERY friendly and enthusiastic.  So yes, thumbs up to Minnesota.  I’d hate to live here, but I’m sure glad you’ve welcomed us so heartily.

And, as an extra bonus — we are actually making money!  And it’s pretty easy!   Just tiring.  And if I have to demonstrate lesson 1 in Rosetta Stone spanish again, I think I’ll go crazy.  Maybe I’ll try French tomorrow, because I’ve actually been catching on to it while others try it.

Golly, I like this gig.

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    WAAAHHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! (no, that was not a sneeze) THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU SOSOSOSOOSOSOOOOOO much for getting me those shirts and the candy, I already ate half of the box of nerds (could ja tell?). yum yum.

    Hey, we got Empire of the Sun, wanna watch it tonight? We have ice cream, too. And popcorn. And dad also got Snicker bars to chop up and put in the ice cream. Do you even like that movie? Ok, we can watch Mulan instead, if you like. 😛


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    Isn't Duluth a cool place? Ja sure, you betcha. Mr A and I honeymooned there 22 years ago and we visit there whenever we're in Mn, my home state. Glad to hear the folks were so obliging! When are you coming to Fl to visit us?

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    I'm so glad everything went so well for you guys down there. I really want a rosetta stone program now. I want to learn some funky, weird, uncommon language. THat'd be fun.

    Anyways, love you and can't wait to see you in 34 days! 🙂

  4. FUN!

    Hey Coie dear….

    It was wonderful meeting you and your mom in Worcester! You guys are a blast. I think I'll move to Tennessee!

    I hope we meet up again real soon!

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    hurry up and blog again or you're grounded.

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    Hey Coie! It's been forever since I've been over here, I know. It's been forever since I've seen you, too! How have you been?

    Hope you're having fun speaking various languages…just don't try to speak French with a Spanish accent, please! 🙂



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