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*Think Think Think*

by coie - April 15th, 2008.
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I thought that I had something in particular to blog about on Sunday afternoon, but then I had to do my taxes and now I forgot what it was.

I don’t get on here very often do I?  A lot has happened since last time I got on here.  Firstly, the tote bag winner is JAYNEE because she’s got a ton of kids, and I think they’re all smiling in one picture.  That’s talent.

Waha!  I just remembered what I was trying to rememeber!  You will have to wait.

Since I last blogged, we’ve had news concerning goats, baby goats, sunburns, visitors, traveling, Rosetta Stone and probably much more that I can’t recall.  You’ll have to read my MOMSIES blog for all that, because I haven’t the time.  Speaking of my momsie, it’s her birthday today.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!!!! 

This morning Emmiko was making her a b-day card and as I was getting ready for work, she kept calling out words that she needed a spelling double-check on.

"How do you spell FAILED?"


And then I thought to myself, "What is she writing?!" 

  • Sorry I failed to get you a present.  Here’s a card instead.
  • I may have failed in spelling, but I can clean out a turtle.  Thanks for letting me be so weird.
  • You failed me as a mother, but happy birthday none-the-less.

I actually didn’t put much thought into it other than "whaaaa?"  The card actually said (this is word for word and capitalization for capitalization), "Happy B-day.  Let your B-Dday Be FAILeD with Joy. 🙂

Now that’s just mean.  Poor Em.

Lastly, THIS is a sorta neat-o color-vision test that I found recently.  It’s pretty short and supposedly pretty accurate.  And, it plays a catchy tune at the end.  You can’t get much better than a test with a groovy ending.

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    What a color test, :o) was not funny! 😛

    Have a great day!




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