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by coie - March 19th, 2008.
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First off– enter in the CONTEST on my momsie’s blog to win the new full blown Rosetta Stone Homeschool Program.  I’m sure it’s spiffytific — we’ll get our copy next week sometime.  Fun, eh?  It has GOT to be better than the Latin book I drudged through five years ago.  Wow, that was five years ago?  Time flies.

Secondly, I’ve nothing left to say except that I got a haircut.  Scratch that.  I’m in contest mode now.  Anyone want to win a tote bag similar to THIS ONE?  It’s rather fun to carry around and it’s reversible even.  I made it for mom, but then I stole it back.  Anyways, to enter simply post your favorite picture of your family on your blog, with the story behind it — because everyone knows that picture taking time never goes how it’s supposed to — and comment on my blog leaving me the link.  That’s all folks!

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    coie coie coie! I want one!!!! I want one JUST like your mom's! I was totally jealous when i saw the picture, but I cant post a picture of my family cause it's just me and Charley- and you've seen plenty of those. Could I have one?? pleeeeeease? I won't tell anyone you made an exception!!! you could give it to me for Charley's birthday. sounds good to me!

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    if i post a family picture will you give me my bag back?!

  3. pic

    Hi Coie!

    I saw your contest and dicided to give it a try! Here's my blog's link:

    The bag you made is absolutely beautiful!

    Thank you for shining your light to this dark and dying world, Coie! God bless you!

    Love in Christ,


  4. I posted our picture 🙂

    Here is the link



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    Wow, neat contest! If it wouldn't be too much trouble, do you think you could show us how you made that awesome bag? (I think it's time for me to dust off my sewing stuff.)

    I live way too far away to enter but I still did your activity because it made me smile today when it's all rainy and lazy.

    So thank you for letting me air out a couple of photos and some fond memories!!

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    Hello! I did sort of a crazy take on your contest but I'm always taking the pictures and it was too hard to choose.

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    here is mine!

  8. Pic.

    Hey, would you mind helping me put a pic on my side bar?

    If you have time?

    Let me know,


  9. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm sooooooo glad you saved the little goat!!!!!! How do you do it???????? Seamstress… Magnificant Home Depot Lady… Baker… Milker… Veterinarian… Educator…etc. etc. You are an awesom person!!!!!

    With love,

    Mrs. Carr

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    Coie! How are you?! 🙂

    The tote bag is cute… did you quilt it? I am trying my hand at quilting for the first time. Trying to make a potholder. We'll see how it turns out! haha.

    So what's up with you? Hope you're having a wonderful spring!

    Love, Ashley

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