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It's the end of the United States Postal Service

by coie - November 29th, 2005.
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I'm going to start using these types of titles for weirdos like Fed-Ex lovers that want to bring the USPS down and google around for fellow conspirators.  The ingenius ways to boost your blog stats! Anyways…


Woohoo!  Er, yippee…My postage stamp finally blew up a week or two ago.  It was always so difficult to read because it was extremely blurry and dark.  I kept hearing this “bzzz” and thought it was paper falling off my desk (multiple times) and then after about 15 minutes of not catching a clue, my monitor gave up on me and my ignorance.  It gave me it’s greatest, most frightening, BZZZZZZTTT.  The screen went black and I knew it was over.  And I had just finished making Willow’s template, too. 


So I fairly squeaked and ran into the hallway, and announced to everyone in the living room just below me, “Ehhh, MY MONITOR JUST BLEW UP!” No one really cared so I changed my tone of voice to something more desperate.  “Daaaaaaaad, my monitor just blew up!  How am I going to check my e-mail?”


We finally arranged for us to go to Best Buy and get a new monitor (which my parents paid for…If I woulda known they were going to do that, I would have gone for the 22” LCD, but oh well. J/K) and all is now well.  And spiffy. 

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  1. Untitled Comment

    Congratulations on the new monitor!

    Gladf to hear your up and running with everythign so spiffy!

    Be blessed,

    Auntie Maria : )

  2. oh bother….

    forgive my spelling.. I type sooooo fast that sometimes my fingers get away from me….

  3. Hey…

    Okay dear niece… what happened to A Side-Tracked Focus? I have a dead link on my page…


    Auntie Amy

  4. Cool

    Monitor Explosion? Cool! What monitor did you get?

  5. Untitled Comment

    Good job on Willow’s template, Coie! 🙂

    Glad you got a new monitor…I can’t believe your parents would force you to use a postage stamp with explosive capabilities for so long. It’s about time!!!

  6. Congrats on your new monitor!

    Never a dull moment in your house, that’s for sure!!

  7. Untitled Comment

    Ahh yes, the joys of randomness. I’d never live it down if the monitor blew up when I happened to be at the computer!

    Your fellow random one,


  8. Hi Coie!!!

    Hi Coie!!!

    Could you make me a blog???? My mom said it was alright!! Send me the template format so I can coppy and paste it and I’ll tell you what my email address is: I would like a template that has a flock of chickens on and the back ground a little brown and white chicken. Hope you can make me a template!!


  9. P.S.


    I ment to say in the last comment that I wanted you to make me a new template.




  10. hi

    I looked at your weblog. it was very beautiful. im from iran . next time i will read all your writings. good luck

  11. I can be patient

    Hi Coie!!!

    I can be patuent enough!!! Thanks for telling me you can make me a template!!!! Can you do the one I asked for???!!!???!!!!!!??!!??!!! Let me know please!!!

    Your Friend,



    Why is there a code every time i post a comment on anybody’s site??????!!!!!!!!!??????!!!!!

  12. Untitled Comment

    The poor computer!! haha


  13. Untitled Comment

    Hi my name is Alycia. I think yu have a great blog.

  14. Princesslovestolaugh


    to you! I am “Auntie Maria’s” daughter Tracy. I finally have a blog on homeschoolblogger and I think yours is so fun. Postage stamp, I’m guessing it was a little small. LOL. I am very happy for you, congrats on the new monitor 🙂 and I’m adding you to my friends list if that is Ok with you.


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  16. Hey Coie!!!!


    I would like to tell you what colours I would like for my new template!! I would like to have a light sky blue color, green and a burgendy color. CBS!!(Comment back soon)!!!!

    Your Friend,


  17. Untitled Comment

    Coie —

    I am glad I got a chance to see you and your new coat today. Thanks for passing along those TOS back issues from your momsie. I am anxious to read them.

    I hope to see you again soon.

    Auntie Maria

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