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All Sorts of Stuff

by coie - February 28th, 2008.
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It’s been an exciting couple of days.  I’ve had good things and bad things happen.  It all started yesterday when I was at work.  I was basically offered (by two different people) another position in the store which is full-time, has higher pay, and an almost set schedule (my schedule now is all over the place).  I had seen the sign up sheet for interviews for the position, but only two other people were on there and I didn’t really want it until I realized the benefits.  I told my friend/co-worker, "I signed up for the Lead Generator/ Credit Captain position today."  She said, "You’ll probably get it."  I said, "They asked me to sign up for it."  She replied, "Ok, you DID get it."  So we’ll see if I do or not.

We had a MEDIC blood drive going on in our parking lot that day and I decided I was going to give blood.  I had never done it before, so I probably looked pretty confused when I walked into the bus.  I failed miserably.  I couldn’t even get through three questions before they kicked me out.  First of all, my blood pressure was about *this close* from being in hypertension stage.  Don’t ask me why, because I wasn’t under any stress.  Then they took a bit of blood to test my iron level.  As it spun around in a little machine, my interrogator got through 2 questions easily enough and then came number three, which was something like, "Have you ever experienced chest pains, had heart failure, or such and such relating to the heart and pain."  I said, "Yeah, um, sometimes I get really sharp chest pains on my left side."  He stopped and looked at me.  "When was the last time you had them?"  "Last week."  So he called in reinforcements who in turn told me that I couldn’t give blood until I went to the doctor and had an explanation as to why I have pain.  Which won’t be any time soon, because I hate the doctor’s office with a passion and I’d rather die a natural, heart-attack-y death then have people touch me and figure out my problem.  *Anyways*, my blood sample stopped whirring around and they informed me that my iron levels were too low for me to donate blood anyways.  Which I thought would happen, because I have a history of being iron-deficient, but has improved since using sucanat.

So, my momsie wants me to change my eating habits (which really aren’t that bad) to help control my blood pressure.  This means less salt and more potassium, magnesium and calcium [read: goat milk] ….which leads to my next subject.

After weeks of thinking hopelessly that our goats were not pregnant, I had told mom, "There’s still time for them to get pregnant.  Tell the kids to pray hard."  I sure did…. Well, I went out today and thought, "You know, I’m almost sure these things are fatter."  So after coaxing and wrestling with them I am positive that 2 are pregnant – I felt the babies kicking my hand repeatively – and pretty sure that one other is pregnant.  I’m doubtful about the fourth.  I am so excited!!!!  I cannot tell you how much goats milk has helped us.  We were seriously stressed about keeping seven goats that weren’t giving us anything, and now we are estatic at the thought of having unlimited milk and possibly a small income from the extra.  So we will have little baby goats and lots of milk very soon.  Yippee!

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    three cheers for pregnant goats! yay!

  2. Untitled Comment

    YESSSS! WOOOHOOOO! Let's get rid of Spot!!! I'm so glad she's not pregnant! I hate that thing.

  3. Hi Miss Coie

    I'm excited for your new goats. I wish I could be there to see them delivered. That would cure me of wanting a kid REAL fast (no pun intended). I'm also really excited for you about that new position within HD.. but I do think you should go to the doctor. When you've watched as many loved ones die as I have, you're able to suck it up and just go to the darn guy.. or girl. You should find a nice Christian lady doctor and go let her give you a check-up. bye

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    Congrats on the probably new position! You can't beat a raise and a better schedule. That is awesome!

    As to the chest pains though… you really should get that checked out. Or at the very least, monitor your blood pressure and cholesterol and such… if it doesn't improve after you change in diet, please see a doctor. Don't make me come over there make you do it! Trust me, crazy and pushy Korean momma's are not pleasant to be around.

  5. Got your goat?

    Yes – chest pain. Not good. I think it's probably a bobby pin stuck in your shirt. A general practitioner should be able to properly remove it without anesthesiology.

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