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Concerning Valentines, Saturns and Great Little Sisters

by coie - February 18th, 2008.
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On Valentines Day I worked 7-4.  As I was standing there waiting for customers, I heard the phone ring and ran to answer it.  The conversation went like this:

"Thank you for calling Sevierville Home Depot, this is Coie, how may I help you?"


"Hi dad!"

"Happy Valentines Day!"


"Ok, bye!"

"That’s all you called for?"

"Yep– bye!"

Hardy har har. 

Yesterday we went to Pull-a-Part so that we could look for parts to fix my car.  Got the headlights, but the only gold Saturn that matched mine was missing the hood.  I didn’t want a mismatched one, so we went on.  Dad also took time to find a Saturn logo for me that was not scratched.  It was raining the whole time, but he didn’t tell me I was silly, even though I know I am.

Got the headlights in with some difficulty due to a bent frame.  But oh joy! dad was able to get a lot of the dents and damage removed from the hood, so I’m not concerned about it anymore.  And my Saturn logo is back on the front.  😀

I had to take Ryann to the Orthodontist today and she let me take her take me on a birthday date.  Catch that?  We had a yummy meal at Ruby Tuesday’s and mochas at Starbucks (thanks grandma for the gift card!).

I came home and saw more presents for me on the bookshelf.  Mom was bummed that I figured out two of the gifts, and I wasn’t even being sneaky!  The second one I figured out on Tuesday.  I said I was going to stop at the health food store and get Sucanat (raw, unprocessed sugar that looks like dirt) since I was almost out.  She said, "No……Coie, I’m SO MAD at you!!!!!  You’re ruining EVERYTHING!"  I was utterly confused until she told me that was one of my presents.  Whoops.

Tomorrow will be the first birthday that I’m forced to get up at 5am to go to work.  Isn’t that against the law somewhere?

12 Responses to Concerning Valentines, Saturns and Great Little Sisters

  1. tnmomtomanyblessings

    Untitled Comment

    I may be early but didn't want to miss the big day.

    Happy Birthday!

    I am looking forward to your visit later in the week.

    Love you!

    Mrs R

  2. Untitled Comment

    I like the little conversation with you and your dad. lol. It was funny. I should be getting something similar for my birthday. lol


  3. Untitled Comment

    Happy Happy Birthdaaaaaaaaaaaay!! to Coie.

    Stopping by early cause I KNOW I won't get one tomorrow. 🙂

    Love, Sami

  4. ByHisGraceInColorado

    Yes, there aught to be a law!

    Nobody should have to work on their birthday!!!!

    Happy Birthday Coie! You are a special gal and I hope we get to see you again one of these days.

    Your dad sure is a sweetie! Glad he is there to help with the auto.

    Give that wonderful Mom of yours a hug for me, ok? And one for you too!!

    Love and prayers,

    Mrs. B.

  5. Untitled Comment

    Happy birthday Coie! I hope you have a great day!

    Did you get my card?

  6. Untitled Comment

    Hey Coie!

    Sorry you have to work today on your birthday.

    I want to wish you the best and happy birthday. I hope you have great day and god blesses you this next year. I miss you and hope to hear from you soon. So please when you have the time write me.



  7. Untitled Comment

    for some reason, when I came to your blog earlier, this post wasn't up yet (well, it was, but oddly enough, my computer wasn't showing it- it does that a lot to me. It must take longer to get to Alaska). So I just left a comment on your last post. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I wrote a story about you and me in your mom's blog (as a comment).

    Love you!

  8. surprise!

    happy birthday to you. happy birthday to you. happy birthday dear Coie, happy birthday to you.

    i hope you are having a wonderful birthday and God bless you with many more years. when i read your posts you always make me laugh. you really are a fellow random person.



  9. Untitled Comment

    Happy birthday, Coie! I feel so bad for not having a gift for you. I'll get you the Supernatural CD soon! I love you,


  10. Untitled Comment

    Happy Birthday Coie! I hope you have a great day.

  11. Untitled Comment

    Hi! This is AuthorElf, BookFreak's cousin. As you have probably noticed, Book hasn't posted in some time, and I think she needs some encouragement. If you have the time, it would be great if you could write an encouraging note to Book and PM it to me. I'll paste it into an email and send it to her. Thanks!


  12. Untitled Comment

    Hey, how did the cake turn out? How come you never comment on my blog- ever? and did all of Ryann's friends keep you up all night? Also, I think you should come visit us- I miss you too much. I made a carrot cake last night too. I thought of you. Only, I haven't frosted mine yet. Charley HATES fake frosting. It's time for you to blog again. If you say you don't have time I'm going to hack into your account and blog for you. I'm tired of reading about your valentine's day. It was cute the first 12 times.

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