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Questions and Answers

by coie - November 23rd, 2005.
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So I'm answering some questions from my
previous post where BeccaLoo ( asked
if my random writings just sit on my mind or do I have to think 'em
up.  *ahem* Both.

You see, it just sorta pops into my mind and sits there, therefore
making me think about it.  If I find it worthy enough to be posted
on my blog, or there is nothing better to write, I post it.  I
usually get these random thoughts while hanging around my cousins, or
taking a two hour long shower, or when I can't sleep at night. 
Speaking of not being able to sleep, this week has totally been like
that.  Not only did we have TOS staff meetings with people staying
at our house until like 1 am every day, but I was sick.  And
something was majorly wrong with me.  Like, I drooled so much in
my sleep.  Wait, *edit*, I wasn't even asleep yet and I was
drooling everywhere.  Guh- Ros.  I can't believe I'm sharing
this info.  And no, mom's not threatening me or anything.

Speaking of minds– where is your mind located?!  I'm sure your
most obvious reply would be your head, but I object.  Cuz when I
drink like 5 cups of java in 1 hour, I go totally loopy and lose my
mind.  Therefore, I say your mind is somewhere in your digestive

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  1. Untitled Comment

    Go back to bed Coie. You still sound like a looney-tooney sick girl…that or you’re starting to sound more and more like your momsie every day.



  2. Thanks!

    Mine is usually in the gutter… or so some would say, but I’ll leave it at that for now… I don’t want to destroy you since I’m officially one of your aunties.

    So I dropped by to say thanks for telling your mom I had to win one of those magnets. I’m excited! You’re the greatest! (And I’ve added you to my friends list but you have to behave cuz I don’t and I don’t want to destroy the lovely upbringing your mother has given you! You’re dad must be a saint… tee hee) Have a great Thanksgiving…


    Aunt Amy

  3. MySmokyMtnHomeschool

    Untitled Comment


    Wishing y’all a Happy Thanksgiving.


    Miss Amy Beth <><

  4. Untitled Comment

    Interesting thoughts.. you thought this up all by yourself?


    Hope you got lots of rest on your trip.

    Be Safe,

    Auntie Maria

  5. Untitled Comment

    Okay girly, I need someone to come bail me out here. I’m outnumbered at my house! My lil’ sisters are with my grandparents and 2 of my boy cousins are here with my brothers. This makes 4 boys and only 2 girls. This calls for a trip to Starbucks with you since you’re in Michigan (yes I’ll break my 20 year fast just for you 🙂 I am absolutely dying. The boys want to play either play football (the rough kind) or they want to wrestle. Both don’t interest me and I need someone to bail me out. Thought you’d be interested. If you are, give me a ring.

  6. Crazy Weirdo

    You’re nuts!

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