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Your Banner We Can Get

by coie - February 10th, 2008.
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Only 9 more days of being 18!  This last year went by very swiftly.  I wonder if 2008 will be the same.

I witnessed an auto accident today on the way home from church.  The truck somehow made it into the air, but landed right side up.  In the process, it took out an electric pole which sparked profusely, and started a small fire in the grass.  Everyone just stopped in horror until a brave gentleman in overalls ran to the front, checked on the passengers and then directed everyone to "move over and keep going!"  The whole ordeal was rather frightening.

Took the girls to Marble Slab Creamery and immensely enjoyed my sweet cream ice cream with sliced almonds kneaded in. 

I found a pea-sized lump in my neck a few days ago.  Not sure what it is, but right now we are placing the blame on recent sickness which will cause swelling in the neck at times.  We’ll keep an eye on it.  🙂

Ok, I’m off to bed.  I’m glad I have Tuesday off.  I’m going to make myself a skirt for the fun of it.

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  1. Untitled Comment

    Did you tell your mom you are turning 18? You might want to get her permission first before you go and do such a thing.

  2. Untitled Comment

    i did not even know you blogged again.

    thanks for that title. now when you're all moved away with kids of your own and i am reading thru all your old blog posts (weeping, weeping weeping), i'll come across this one and won't forget about good old Joan and i'll have a reason to stop crying and laugh my little grey head off

  3. Untitled Comment

    I found a lump under my arm last week…

    I waited and it turned out to be nothing. I'm sure yours will too.

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