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by coie - January 24th, 2008.
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I am still somewhat disturbed that my Uncle bought a set of 20 Mandie books for himself.  If I knew he liked them so much, I’d have sent them to him for his birthday.  Free, even.

My dad’s birthday is next Saturday, and Ryann and I combined our money to buy him a splendiferous present.  Nothing exciting, just something he really wants.  Actually, we haven’t bought it yet.  I get paid at midnight tonight (I love direct deposit!) and will then have the funds to purchase it. 

In other news, it just started snowing.  It’s working on 2 centimeters as I type.  How’s that for excitement?  I don’t know why the weather cycles don’t start two months earlier around here.  I want January and February to be sunny, 65 degrees, blue skies, big clouds, and with daffodils blooming.  But that’s California weather.  Ah well.

Ok, I am off to sew.  And then to work.  And then to bed.  And I have tomorrow off!

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    you're such a good girl, and a hard worker, and a good seamstress, plus a fabulous chicken slaughterer, a tremendous tire and oil changer, not to mention a moderately proficient welder. i am very proud of you.

    please don't ever get married as long as I live

  2. Centimeters??

    Since when are you Canadian? Did Tennessee get annexed into Canada?

    That reminds me – Have you ever seen the Red Green show? You should find some episodes on youtube. Their short enough your dial up should only take 20 minutes to load it. 😛

    …can't wait for Mandie… Relax by the fire, with a cool glass of gasoline. Good times.

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    its not blue skies here! unless theres another CA i didnt know about and i live in so. ca. its been raining for a few days now, very gloomy


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    If it really is snowing in the mountains of TN expect everyone to be talking about it for the next month. I love when we go there but if they visited northen Michigan those people would all have to stay inside for months.

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    Wasn't there snow in CA the other day?

    I'm still laughing about the Mandie books. Mainly because I had never heard of them before and certainly wouldn't have thought a boy… er, man would ever read them!

    Well, Miss Coie, enjoy your day off! What are you sewing?

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    Hi there! We got snow last week and the kids had a blast in it. I think there was maybe 2-3 inches but for SC that's some snow man!!! Then on Saturday we were expecting about 4 inches and the temperature never got below freezing so it snowed all day with absolutely NO accumulation. It was just depressing!!!

    IN HIM…Julie

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    You have been tagged. Go to to find out the details. :o)

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