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I've Been Promoted Behind My Back

by coie - January 15th, 2008.
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First off, I got the cashier of the month award for a second time this last Sunday.  That was fun.  Now on to the important stuff.

After two months’ urging from my momsie, I finally asked the HR lady at my work for a raise because I was hired at a lower rate than the other cashiers due to my having "no work experience" when I started.  They did not count my 4 years of working customer service at home as work experience.  She did not really give me a straight answer, saying that there were no positions for Head Cashiers (which I didn’t ask for), but said that I should ask my front end supervisor to start cross training in other departments (I’ve already started training in paint a month ago) and we would work from there. 

The next day she came up to me and said, "Well I talked to Howie (store manager) and he said ok, definately, that sounds fine.  And I’m going to talk to Jay (assistant store manager) tomorrow to see what he says."  I didn’t know what she was talking about, but it sounded good so I nodded, thanked her and smiled.

The next week they were cutting everybody’s hours drastically because of low sales.  They ADDED 9 hours to mine by giving me shifts in paint.  So I figured they were working on giving me hours.

But then today the scheduler came up to me and said, "Oh yeah, I’ve got to change the schedule next week so that you can go to that class."  I said, "Um, what class?" and she said, "The Head Cashier/ Front End Supervisor class."

*me giving dumb stare* 

"Didn’t anyone tell you?  Didn’t anyone ASK you?!"  "Nope.  But cool!"

I *think* what is happening is that our front end supervisor (FES) is becoming an assistant manager and one of the head cashiers (Matt) will become FES which will open up a Head Cashier spot.  There is only one other cashier certified to be an FES (Jennifer S.– one of my favorite co-workers– she is so funny and so normal) and then I will be as well on Tuesday.  So when/if Matt leaves the position will open up to either me or Jennifer.  But that is all just theory.  All I know is that I’m becoming a Head Cashier (think: raise) and I’ll be certified to be an FES.  And I’ve only been there 6 months!  According to my calculations, this should make me Queen of England sometime around February ’09 (When I turn 20!  Hehehe– just had to throw that in to make mom cringe).

Now tata– I’m going to go enjoy my early birthday present which arrived today.  Can’t say what it is since Charley gets the same thing for his birthday.

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    Where we goin', Thunder?

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    Just wanted to let you know that our family still prays daily that you will have opportunities to witness to your co-workers!

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    Congratulations on the promotion and hopefully a big ole whopping raise!


  4. B-Day

    Sweet!! I always WANTED one of those…

    Huge props to the future Queen too. Good to know a prerequisite for Queenhood is being able to properly tint a can of latex!

  5. Untitled Comment

    VERY early birthday present.. you won't be 19 for over a month.

    I had a weeeeeeeeird dream about you last night. Ask your mom, maybe she'll tell you what it was about. Kinda lame tho.

    Congrats on your promotion!!! yer such a good worker!

    love jess

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    I'm on the edge of my seat to know what you got for your birthday…I have some guesses and I am totally wondering if I'm right……come on Feb!!!!

  7. tnmomtomanyblessings

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    Congrats Coie!

    I mean … your highness hehehe

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    Good job! Promotion is always nice, and the raise that goes with it is icing on the cake.

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    Congrats on the unexpected promotion!

    And does NOBODY log in to comment you?

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    I love your username and cute blog.

    Mind if i add you/you add me?


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