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Answer Me This

by coie - December 19th, 2007.
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I’m going to give you a word.  First I want you to tell me what first comes to mind when you say it, and then you can tell me if you know what it actually means.


My momsie pronounced it "fuh-lan-geez" and Ryann and I thought of the exact same thing and giggled and squealed our goofy heads off.  We thought of underwear.  It is actually parts of your fingers.  So I looked over at Emmiko and said, "Emmi, I see your phalanges" and she promptly pulled up her pants. 

Somebody misdefined that word.

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    That has me totally giggling!

  2. Fuhlanjeez

    On that stupid show "Friends" – Pheobe Buffay's personal alias for herself is "Regina Phalange" spoken with a nasal tone (pronounced how your momma sez it.) It's funny.

    So that's what I think of.

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    Thanks for stopping by! And for the candy too. 🙂

    When I saw that word phalanges I thought of the same thing as you guys. 🙂

    Sarah was so funny. You walked through the door and Sarah comes FLYING back to our room and says: "Sam, Sam! Coie Igarashi's here! COIE IGARASHI IS HERE IN THIS HOUSE! Ahhhhhhhhck!" Then goes FLYING back to the living room and pretends she's normal. 🙂

    The completely nutso sister of the totally not normal sister,


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    Your last name should be Webster.


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    I already knew what the word meant — when I slowly pronounced it while I read it. Took me a few times to finally grasp the word!


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    lol.. that's pretty good

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    that last comment was from me

  8. Of knotted panties and naughty plumbers

    This word totally knots my stomach. I think back to '01, when we added on to our home so dh's parents could move in. Our contracter turned out to be an alcoholic (he died of liver disease at the end of that year), and when we fired him, we found out that he hadn't paid his subs. In a good faith effort to be fair to them (it wasn't their fault he spent the money we'd paid him on a vacation and booze instead of his workers), we offered to pay again—the electrician, the roofer, and the plumber. Two gratefully accepted, but the plumber, who had done about $700 worth of work, demanded $2500 from us instead. We requested an itemized bill, and it included about 100 phalanges (as well as excessive amounts of many other parts), which was laughable until he slapped us with a lawsuit when we wouldn't pay it. We spent about $7000 defending ourselves against that frivolity.

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    Just wanted to say Merry Christmas!


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    Haha, yeah it's like the technical word for fingers and toes, I think. 🙂

    Just coming over to say Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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    I am not going to tell you that I thought of cheese when I saw that word! To embarrassing. 🙂

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