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Where'd I go?

by coie - December 14th, 2007.
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Sorry for my last whiney post and for not blogging in so long.  We switched to dial-up which one of our computers laughs at.  Seriously, I had to re-connect four times before Mapquest would show me where I had to go.  I almost gave up on blogging altogether.

I found out that I am strangely addicted to a certain annoying song.  If any of you are blessed with a job which causes you to not get to bed until 10:30 and then requires you to be up at 5:00 the next morning (depending on your ever-changing schedule), you may know that one gets a little loopy sometimes.  And we all know that I was already a little loopy.  Just a little.  But anyways, the Christian radio station K-Love plays this "Good Morning" song at 6:00 AM EST every weekday.  And by golly, if have to be at work at 7:00, I make sure that I’m in my car by 5:57 so that I won’t miss it.  It’s so obnoxious, yet so catchy (in a strange, early-morning reasoning way).  If you want to hear it, I figure you have two options– listen to it on K-Love at 6 AM EST or CLICK HERE (You’ll have to download the Rhapsody Player which I know NOTHING about– I was desperate, so I’m doing it right now– If I never blog again, you’ll know it’s because I downloaded a virus and we are all out of functioning computers)

On to other news.  In the last week I’ve butchered chickens, worked on our electric fence and made candy.  I’ve had some trouble with the candy and I keep running out of chocolate chips because CERTAIN members of my family keep making cookies with them before I get to them.  Hehehe.  I also designed our Christmas card last night….now to print them all.  Ack!  I need more hours per day.

Ok, I’m off to make more candy, but I leave you with a CD recommendation: "Glowing" by Seven Places.  It’s one of my favorite CD’s, and its not like the other Seven Places CD’s (which I don’t really like).  Listen to some samples HERE on  Mom’s favorite is "Joy of the Lord".

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    is that the one that goes "redemtion is rising and it's beautiful, it's beautifuuuuuuu-ul, redemption is rising and it's wonderful, wonderfuuuuuuu-ul" because if that's the case, then you're correct in saying that's my favorite song on the cd. it reminds me of a U2 song, which, uh, is a band that, uh, i, uh, don't listen to anymore.

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    I vote that you chase the chocolate chip theif with a hefty wooden spoon…that would teach her!

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