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A laugh and answers

by coie - November 14th, 2005.
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Hello all!  I'm on a blogging roll
today!  This makes 2 entries in one day (3 if you count the one I
did at midnight).  🙂

This is a fun link:

It doesn't seem to work in Firefox, so use a Microsoft
Explorerer.  Move your mouse around at different speeds once you
open it.  I don't know if I found it so funny because it was
midnight, or I was sick or what, but hopefully you'll enjoy it.  🙂

Also, many of you have been asking how our first Bible study
went.  It was great!  A total of 14 people were on at one
time, and some people came in and out.  I think we may move it to
a later time, because of you West-coasters.  😛  It was led
by Tim Sweetman,, who did a great job. 
Everyone who showed up seemed willing to contribute their thoughts and
still keep order, which is exactly what we wanted.  I'll be
leading the next one which will have a Christmas theme. 

It seems that two people now are giving a “what we have in common”
number lately.  David B, and
Kaitlin,  Check out their blogs!

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  1. Snuggle up and enjoy

    I love gloomy weather, too! And I’m sick, too. It’s all through our family. I dropped my car off at the shop yesterday, and later in the AM they called my hubby to tell him what needed to be done. Jim answered and apologized for his raspy voice. The car-guy said, I though you were you wife–she sounds just like you! LOL. the thing I love about SOUNDING sick is that you can get out of just about anything by sounding so pathetic. So, if you’re going to be sick, I hope you get the brownie points for sounding sick, too. Hope I’m better by BeccaLoo’s b-day party Friday, though!

    Hope you get to snuggle up with those new schoolbooks soon!


  2. Wed. night

    Coie, if you get this tonight before you got to the airport, contact me – Julie missed her flight.

  3. Wierd

    That is the Weirdest Link I think I’ve Ever clicked On! Ha!

  4. E-mail

    I e-mailes you the picture

  5. hi

    Hello! Did you make Willow’s template? It’s really pretty! Where did you get the picture?


  6. Untitled Comment

    Hi Heather,

    Yup, I made Willow’s template. 🙂 I got the picture off of Google images.

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