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by coie - November 14th, 2005.
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Yippee!  It's finally raining!  I love gloomy weather!  It's sort of off and on right now, but still! 

You'll never believe it- my schoolbooks are in the mail!  Woohoo again!

And– I'm sick!  WOOHOO!  This is like the best day of my life!

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    Are you sure they’re in the mail…or is it your dear momsie just getting your hopes up???

    Hope you feel better soon and get spoiled in the meantime.



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    They’re in the mail (or will be in a few days, at least). 😀 I love getting new schoolbooks!

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    you have over shot your quota for the word Woohoo for the week. You’ll need to substitute with either yippeeee, yahooo, or zippitydoodles until the friday after next. And, i just wanted to let you know that i like your yellow flower but it is not a purdy as you.

  4. it does my heart good…

    to see that my teen aren’t the only lying sneaks around…happy about schoolbooks indeed!

    😉 😉 😉

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    One word: WACKO, and no, I don’t mean Waco, which is a very educational town.

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    Oh random one!! Sorry to hear that you are sick. I hope you feel better soon. And try not to get a fever, just imagine how crazy you’d be then.


    Your fellow random one…..

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    Is this fellow random one Kaitlin? 🙂 Random people are the bestest.

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    I have 1.5 things in common with you today:

    I’m sick, and it’s kinda gloomy. 😉

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    Yep, that’s me fellow random one. I only have randomness in common with you. It’s 80 degrees outside and I’m healthy!! 🙂

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    You are strange. You LIKE being sick…that’s downright strange.

  11. Lucky

    Some people get all the luck. 1. It's RAINING. I sure do wish I could have a rainy day or two in my neck of the woods. 2. Schoolbooks are coming. That is the LONGEST, most EXCITING week of the year. Just wait untilyou have to start… 3. You're SICK. I haven't been sick enough to take a day off in like… FOREVER! Hear you've been having 80-degree weather up there. Join the club.

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    LOL! Your Excited about school books!!

    Edited by willow on Thursday, November 17, 2005 at 5:33 PM

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