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Keep this in mind

by coie - November 13th, 2005.
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Have you ever noticed that if you get one
of those really great parking spots that's semi-close to the grocery
store, all of the cart return thingies are about 1/2 mile away? 
It's like…a…trade-off…Maybe it's one of the governments plans to
make us work out more.

I'm going to bed now…because it's midnight– and I'm tired…and loopy.

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  1. Untitled Comment

    What was the point of this blog? Plus why were you up at midnight?

  2. Untitled Comment

    *ahem*, Beccaloo: there is no point to any of my entries (except the bible study ones). 🙂 I was up until midnight because I was working on a blog template for someone. :D:D I didn’t know that people actually looked at what time I posted things!

  3. LOL

    Oh, I didn’t realize that I put it was midnight. hahaha…see, told you I’m loopy.

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