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by coie - November 26th, 2007.
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I sure had a swell Thanksgiving.  I laughed.  A lot.  It was relaxing, and happy.  They always are, but this year I was even more thankful for it because it was the first year that I actually realized that a lot of people are not happy during the holidays.  It was odd to me at first.  Then sad.  It started on Wednesday when I started asking my co-workers, "So what are you doing for Thanksgiving?" and I got answers like,

"Well…I’m going out to eat….by myself."

"I’m going to sit at home alone and eat a TV dinner."

"Probably nothing.  I haven’t got any family around here so there’s no point in making a big meal."

And then the day after Thanksgiving I asked other co-workers, "So how was your Thanksgiving?" and I got answers like,

"It wasn’t"

"Horrible.  I don’t celebrate it.  I don’t have any family or any friends.  I hate the holidays.  I just sit around and do nothing.  I can’t wait until after New Years– then everything will be back to normal and I’ll be fine."

It made me sad that so many of them are so lonely.  After getting to know them, I get bits and pieces of their history and I realize more and more that I’ve never had to deal with the pain that they’ve had to face.  And they know it too.  They’ve labeled me "young, naive, innocent, pure".  They call me "smiley, sweetheart, Miss Coie, little friend".  So when they told me their sad stories I thought, "I want them to see my family.  I want them to see joy, love, peace.  I want to invite all these outcasts and loners to Christmas Dinner."  But of course I couldn’t just do that.  So when I told my momsie about how lonely these people are she said, "Why don’t you invite them to Christmas dinner?"  Score! 

So I suppose that is the plan.  We haven’t got any others for Christmas.  Now we just have to figure out how to fit them in our house.  🙂  It will be splendid.  Please pray that all goes well and that we are witnesses.

Now I’m going to go read a booklet on how to treat your own back.  I’ve got a pinched nerve or something.  Yowch.

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    wow… I never really thought about all the ppl that don't have a family and things to be thankful for. thats so sad


  2. tnmomtomanyblessings

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    I wil pray that the Lord will bring those folks in need of HIM to yoru home. I knwo I have been blessed there and they wil eb as well.

    I am glad you all had a nice Thanksgiving. : ) We did as well.


    Mrs R

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    *chuckle* I just came back to my home in Michigan from the Pigeon Forge area and the whole time I was down there I just kept thinking man would I like to go spy on the Ig family. I read your blog so much I would love to meet you all in person. Your family makes me smile all the time.

  4. Wonderful

    You have such a loving heart, Coie! I know the Igarashi Christmas dinner will be blessed and filled with joy! I will definitely be praying!



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    What a neat way to minister to your co-workers. Good for you!

    love you

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    I think that would be an awesome witness to your coworkers! Now you just have to make sure they actually come and that you REALLY mean it– it's not just empty words.

    I'll be praying for y'all and for your coworkers to see that the joy and hope that is in your heart and the heart of your family is through Jesus Christ.


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    Yeah. I know what you mean.

    Yesterday I heard on the radio (it was a called in prayer request) this 19yo girl had just lost her husband over in Iraq. This was gonna be their first Christmas together and she was really looking forward to it. And they had only just gotten married in Oct. I thought it was so sad that she'd now have to spend the holidays by herself now. All her family lived in a completely different country. Made me real thankful that I have a wonderful family to spend every holiday with.

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