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Oh the Joys of Being Me

by coie - November 13th, 2007.
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I know I know…two entries in one day!  But I was sitting around and being a complete nerd when I remembered that I’ve been meaning to go to to figure out what the 1000+ uses for WD-40 are.  And oh my heavens– oh joy– oh the glee that I felt when I saw that they updated their list and you can download a PDF doc with not 1000, not 1500, but 2000+ uses for WD-40.  Granted, a lot of them are redundant, but some of them are just plain great.  For instance:

Cleans pigeon droppings from cars

Keeps snow from sticking to satellite dishes

Removes crayon and gum from just about anything

Spray around bottom of garbage cans to prevent animals from getting in

Cleans peanut butter from shoestrings (er, that’s a common problem, eh?)

Cleans old muffin tins and bottoms of pots and pans

Ok, so I’m going to stop there, but if you want the list CLICK HERE to download.  It’s amazing.  It’s nice being so easily entertained.

I also wanted to note that I organized my closet and mostly emptied my desk drawers on Saturday and HOLY MOLY– I found all sorts of junk I’ve been looking for the last year and a half.  Like my visor, Sacramento Kings pins, pictures, measuring tape for sewing (all four!) and a box of bullets.  I also threw away a ton of stuff that I don’t need and haven’t even looked at for 2 years.

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  1. Untitled Comment

    Wow. Totally useless info for like 70% of us "uncool" people who don't even know what the original purpose of wd-40 is.

    but thanks just the same! and thanks for the invite for Christmas. You have no idea how much i'd like to be there for the holidays – but we can't come. Prolly Sping, tho!

    love jess

  2. tnmomtomanyblessings

    Two posts in a day!

    Oh… thank you– since you mentioned that I was wondering what to do with the stuff. Now that the info list is posted here — you think we should all go out and buy a case of the stuff before the stores run out of it. I think I want some for Christmas…just in case I get peanut butter on my shoelaces.. or my children's. : )

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    Hiya Co! How are you? Just thought I'd say hi! Miss you!

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    I just had to comment on the pic below with you in your "colorful" outfit. You look like a giant candy corn. yuuum. i'm hungry – like the pumkins with the green stem.. those are the best!

  5. Untitled Comment

    I'm always running into lost boxes of bullets.

  6. Untitled Comment

    Mrs. Drews–

    So long as they are not running into <i>you</i>, it should all be fine.

  7. HI!

    You have been randomly tagged…

    See my blog for details..

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