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This Could Be Interesting…

by coie - November 8th, 2007.
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Well, because my employer is cutting hours, I currently have four whole days in a row off.  I’m a scary thing to come across on my days off because I don’t even try to make myself look presentable.  If you ever need a good laugh, just drop by unexpectedly when I’m home.  All I care about is whether I’m comfy or not.  No really– here’s what I’m wearing now:

Now tell me that doesn’t give you a hankering for some cotton candy and an overpriced game of Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  I’ve given myself a prize for being the most colorful person in the house.  We Igs delight in our geekiness.

As a general rule, I also try to wreak havoc around the house.  I’ve already raised my mom’s blood pressure a few notches by invading the kitchen and stealing cookie dough.  I’m going to snatch a cookie in a few minutes.  I figure I’ll take one while she’s distracted reading this entry.

I also got to drive around with dad today and find a car to buy.  We both liked a silver 2000 Saturn LS five speed manual (with a CD player- yahoo!) and it took us about an hour to convince mom over the phone that she liked it too.  I love my Saturn and I’m excited to add another one to our transportation collection.  Mom and dad will go buy it tomorrow.  I’ll post pictures when we get it.

In other news, Home Depot was giving its employees free flu shots yesterday.  Everyone complained about their shoulder hurting and I said, "Ha– I ain’t getting one!"  To which they replied, "Why not?  You don’t want to get sick do you?"  And then I told them "Ain’t no way I’m going to let someone inject flu germs into my bloodstream!  I’ll get it the natural way and then test your flu shot."  They thought I was crazy.  I thought they were crazier.  That’s how it always goes.  But I look funnier, so I figure I’m ahead in the game.

Oh yeah– and they let me cover the paint department’s lunch break yesterday.  I had only mixed one can of paint before under the very watchful eye of a paint associate, but everything went well.  It was swell, especially when the other employees walked by, did a double take and asked me what I was doing over there.

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    you are an *awful* child. i cannot believe i just turned around to see you cramming three cookies in your mouth. i got snookered by a clown. this is definitely a low point in my career as a mother.

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    I think you could survive in the paint department. So long as you remember to put the lid on before you put it in the shaker.

    Maybe your clothing would inspire someone to paint BOLDLY.

    Enjoy your days off!

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    I've probably told you this before but we are a Saturn family too. No, I don't mean we are from Saturn, but we do get looks from others that indicates their suspicions sometimes! LOL.

    OUr first Saturn was an blue-black SW2. It was a 5 passenger that we bought in 1995… When you were probably loosing your front teeth! 🙂

    Then, our second Saturn was my hubby's sports car, a Saturn Ion Redline, but he sold it last year and bought a used Ford F150 instead. (Much more practi cal).

    I currently drive a Saturn Relay and love it, but not as much as I loved my Ford Expedition SUV that I traded in because it only had head rests in 6 of the 8 seats and was very expensive to gas up!

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    You should not have given yourself away until THE END of your post.

  5. Flu Shot

    I won't get a flu shot either as it doesn't make any sense to me. Why would I voluntarily get sick when I get just take a risk and maybe not get sick.


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    Uh, Coie, ANY other Californian would think dressing colorfully is totally normal for a Californian. Ask any Californian, they'll tell you the same thing, unless they're like us…(not you–anymore)

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    Oh, yes the always funny and ever extrovert, Coie! I love your posts!



    P.S. You should see some of MY "casual" outfits!

  8. Some things never seem to change..

    Was looking through some stuff and randomly happened across your blog. Good to see you're still alive and bloggin'! 🙂

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    i love the what your wearing! lol. looks like my everyday go around… 😛


  10. Another perspective…

    I never used to get the flu shot. After our third child was born, our family got the flu…THREE YEARS IN A ROW…each time at least one of our children ended up in the hospital…and our family was completely out of commission for a month (my husband missed work for several days). Consequently, we began to get the flu shot, (just myself and the 4 kiddos) about 4 years ago. We have not gotten the flu since.

    And so, while the thought of getting the shot used to be alarming and seemed even irresponsible, I now consider it a wise choice for our family.

    (One misconception is that the flu shot is for those 24 hour type stomach flus that go around…it's actually for the serious virus that can even cause death because of the secondary illnesses that can result…pneumonia, dehydration, etc.)

    Just thought I'd share a perspective from the other side! 🙂

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    Hey, just stopping by to say thanks for de-lurking! I've actually visited your blog before and it's very nice to know who's reading mine. Glad you're getting a laugh. Especially because it's sounds like you know EXACTLY where I'm coming from!


  12. he he

    Ya know actually, you dont look too bad!

    You should see me the morning after I was sick!!!

    Lets just say thats how my mom broke my first camra!!! LOL

    PS snach me a cookie too!!!

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