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Laundry Troubles

by coie - October 21st, 2007.
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My day was nothing short of comical yesterday.  But first I have to start with Friday.  I was prepared… someone else was not.

So, I knew that I had to get up at 5:45 on Saturday.  I would have been able to sleep in, but due to transportation difficulties [read: a van that is non-working] I had to take my dad to work.  No problem.  I’m getting used to rising early with my work schedule.

Friday afternoon I had my outfit planned out for the next day, but I needed four items washed.  My two towels, my yellow shirt, and my white undershirt (because the yellow one comes too low).  Four simple items.  One simple task.  So I brought said items to the Laundry Queen, who is also known as my 13 year old sister, Ryann.  I said, "Great Laundry Queen of the SouthEastern Region of the great country America, please wash these."  But I added more, because we have an ongoing history of communications glitches which result in the wrong items being washed and me having to change my wardrobe plan last minute.  So I added, "Wash these four items all together, do not exlude one of these from the load.  Do not under any circumstances separate these items from each other.  Just wash them together immediately.  I need them done tonight so that I can wear them tomorrow."  Sounds pretty precise, right?  She kinda looked at me like she was saying, "I’m not calling you ridiculous, but one of us is ridiculous and it isn’t me."  I squinted at her and said– "Don’t mess up."

That night I made sure with her that my clothes and towels were indeed in the dryer.  I asked all of the following questions and got a resounding YES to every one:

"Are all of my things in the dryer?  Nothing was left out?  So all four things- the shirt, the undershirt and BOTH my towels?  Are you SURE?  All FOUR?  You’re positive the dryer is going?"

She finally said, "Coie, why are you doing this to me?  I’m telling you it’s all good."

So I left her alone.  Fast forward to 5:45 Saturday morning.  I have 45 minutes to shower, get dressed and ready to go, and eat breakfast.  I ran out to the laundry room and opened up the dryer.  I pulled out one towel….another towel….my yellow shirt…..and…..uh oh.  I spun the clothes around a few times and searched for the undershirt.  Then I stood up and saw it.  It was damp, wrinkled, and laying on the dirty floor with dirty clothes.  Oh, she washed it alright, but it didn’t quite make it to the dryer.  Still not a problem.  I didn’t actually NEED it until I had to leave for work at 11:30. 

Knowing that she would be up soon to milk the goats, I came inside and left her a sweet note in the basket we use to carry all the goat milking paraphenalia.  It read:

RYANN!!!!  I could throttle you! (just kidding)  You washed my white tank top but it didn’t make it to the dryer.  Please wash ANY white tank tops in the laundry room IMMEDIATELY.

I even put two undershirts right there on the washer for her.  I didn’t have time to start a load.  Dad and I left.  I took him to the first stop (Home Depot) and loaded up my car with stuff that had to go the Grainger County Fair.  I took him to the fair that was 20 minutes away.  We unloaded.  He remembered that he needed a canopy.  I went back to HD to get two canopies and two tables.  On my way back I called home to make sure that my laundry was being done.  I heard mom tell Ryann "Coie says to make sure her shirts are getting washed."  and then she told me, "Ryann says they’re going right now."

After dropping the stuff off, I ran to the store and got groceries.  I got home with 30 minutes to spare to eat, change, and make myself look presentable.  I ran to the laundry room, saw Ryann and said, "Please give me my tank top.  Don’t play any games and pretend you didn’t do it.  I’m in a hurry." 

"Uhhhh, what tank top?"

"Ryann, I told you I don’t have time– please give me my shirt….wait a second…why is it sitting on the dryer?"

"I don’t know.  Someone put them on the washer and I moved them."

"You didn’t get my note?"

"What note?"

It just so happened that Emmiko filled up the goat basket and put my note aside.  I grabbed the shirts, hand washed them and threw them in the dryer.  I had 15 minutes.

The rice wouldn’t finish.  My shirt wouldn’t dry.  It was 11:30.  I should have been in the driveway.  At 11:37 I decided I could wait no longer.  The food had finished but my shirt was still damp.  It was cold.  It took approximately 1 hour for it to dry.  It stole my body heat.

I was scheduled to be at work at 12:30.  Mom dropped me off at 12:26.  I ran into the break room, grabbed my spiffy apron, decided to skip the bathroom and fairly ran across the store and clocked in at 12:29.  That’s about all I can remember, except that the room which held the clock was very full of other employees that were probably much more relaxed than I was.

The end.

P.S. Exedrin and Dr. Pepper are wonderful things for days like that.

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  1. CAgirlwithasoutherndrawl

    Untitled Comment

    I can feel you pain cuz I have so been there.

    Except I have no one to blame but my royal self because I am the laundry queen 'round these parts. And my offending item is usually a pair of jeans. And while they do indeed steal body heat, they also bring the unpleasant sensation of feeling like you peed your pants. Only it's not a warm, body temperature pee, it's more like a frigid, arctic type pee. brrrrrrrr…..

    ~Auntie Spiff


    Untitled Comment

    What a busy young lady you are.

    I am amazed you took the time to blog.

    Mrs R

    ps — I have never worn wet clothes, I have gone out with wet hair though : )

  3. Untitled Comment

    I know how you feel with the wet clothes! One time when we were getting ready for church the next day I had asked Tracy to get my dress washed and it did but she never put it in the dryer with the rest of the clothes that was wahed so I had to put it in the next morning. I was only able to put it in for a few minutes though, so I had a wet dress at church. And they ALWAYS have the air on there, so it's always cold. 😛

    Yeeeeeeah. Not fun. :p


  4. Untitled Comment

    there's an easy solution to this. Just wear dirty clothes to work like all the other employees do. You forget that we live in TN and that showering every day and wearing clean clothes (not to mention *different* outfits) every day is looked upon as snobbish elitism. How am I ever gonna find you a good Southern Husband if you continue to hold to such fastidious habits?

    love, momsie

    PS please bring me another present from HD soon. I am beginning to expect them and I musn't be made to suffer. Besides, Petootietoo is lonesome for another green friend.

  5. Hello!!! It's me….Mrs. Carr!!!!!

    Who is Petootietoo??



    Mrs. Carr

  6. Sympathy

    Coie, I'm VERY sympathetic for your tank- top -troubles! The very thing has happened to me MULTIPLE TIMES! Although, I cannot lie, that your way of telling it was quite humorous! Well, ttyl.

    ~LooLuv (Caroline Corley)~

  7. Untitled Comment

    Do your own laundry.. it's the only way to make sure it gets done right.

    … and then, could you come do mine??

    sorry you had to wear a cold wet tank top to work. Why didn't you just take one of your mom's? that's what i would have done. Be thankful you didn't live in AK.. and had to wear a cold wet tank top when it was snowing outside- like today

  8. Untitled Comment

    who's Petootietoo?

  9. Ahhh….

    Planned outfits. Can't stand em'. Something always seems to go wrong…ironing…wrong drawer…got water on them while washing face…and the list goes on. Who knew clothing could be so complicated? Heh heh.

    Poor Ryann! I had the feeling something would go wrong–or you wouldn't have posted about it! I love you. Paul is right, "Life from a laughable perspective" you've got the touch!

    Warmly, and with a little giggle,


    P.S. Don't you love the relationships that being homeschooled allows us to have with our moms? I gotta tell ya, it blows me away!

  10. Untitled Comment

    Yup, some days are like that. Glad you made it through! Karen (

  11. Untitled Comment

    Glad to see you today Coie! You looked cold though. 😛

    I got cold once when Mr.B was talking cause But I couldn't put my over shirt on cause Levi spilled soda on it. Bummer. 😛



  12. Untitled Comment

    Excedrin and DP are good for normal days.

    Cold tank top days are exceptionally horrid and require the addition of chocolate. In any form.

    Hope the rest of your week is better!



    PS Tis always good to have a backup outfit. Or just take your dear momsie's advice and wear something that's already been broken in (as in worn once but not "dirty" dirty, KWIM?)

  13. Untitled Comment

    at the ungodly hour of 5:45? I would die! and yes, i hate it when the laundry isn't done…


  14. Untitled Comment

    That entry makes you sound unkind…..but I know that you are kind. So I'd like to tell everyone that even though her entry made it look like she was telling her readers that she's mean and bossy, that she's not normal and she's the most awesome, best, kind, non-snobby, unbossy sister.


    Love you,


    P.S. WHY DIDN'T YOU DANCE WITH ME???? YOU ARE A TERRIBLE SISTER….I, uh…um, almost asked you….

  15. tnmomtomanyblessings

    Untitled Comment


    I got your message. Mr Roy is out of town but I know he will be happy to hear the news. : )


    Mrs R

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