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Fall Fun

by coie - October 16th, 2007.
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I’m too tired to write anything, so I’ll just post pictures.  Then I’m going to bed.  Even though its only 5:45 [edit: the time is now 7:34]

Please take this moment to notice the child on the far left.  He is wearing roller blades, has two swings in hand and is heading for a lawn chair.  Surely nothing good can come of this.

Where’d he go?


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    Love, Miss Elizabeth

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    Cute!!! I love those pics! And I love Emmi's outfit! :):) Nice sweatshirt! 😉

    I wish I were there jumping in leaves with you guys.. only, you weren't doing it.

    btw.. you never post on my blog anymore.. and also, allow me to apologize for sending the WRONG kind of jam. My bad, you picky little brat.. j/k (the blueberry is actually a delicacy in Alaska. Charley was mad that I sent blueberry cause we only had a few but had TONS of cranberry). oh well for you. Be a good girl and maybe you'll get some for Christmas.

  3. Hey

    Ahh leaves.. To bad we dont have trees with falling leaves in AZ. Hmph.. Lucky. 🙂 Anyway, pretty pictures!


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    Hey, nice page! I love your pictures. It must be nice to have all those beautiful leaves laying around. where I live they don't have to many trees that change like that. Hope you don't mind if I add you to my friends 🙂

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    I like your pictures.


  6. tnmomtomanyblessings

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    Funny huh? She is Mr Roys cousin so I guess we are related. She said she liked you! I'm not surprised!!

    I told her to tell you we stopped by. That was the first time I met her. Her mother is Mr Roys auntie. Yes, indeedy it is a small world.

    Hope yours is blessed today!


    Mrs R

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    I want to play too!

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