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Is It Just Mondays?

by coie - October 8th, 2007.
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I do believe that every cranky citizen of Sevierville came through my line today.  It kinda stunk.  By 4 o’clock I was definately ready to go home.

Now to address some of my comments– thanks to those who congratulated me on my ACT scores, but my momsie has exaggerated.  I ain’t no genuis.  No one correct that sentence.  I got an overall score of 26 and the highest you can get is 36.  I got a 32 on English and Reading, but my math and science scores brought it down.  I know that I could have done better on science but ran out of time.  As for math, I could have done just a tad better, but it really boiled down to not knowing/remembering enough.

To BENSRIB — your dream was funny.  However, I generally open the door to anyone after warning them that I have a gun in my right hand.

To QUIET CAJUN — Also funny — I should find your number and call you from HD sometime.  🙂 

And as far as candy goes this year, we’ve already started getting supplies and today I got a fab idea…for me anyways.  Does anyone want have any clean Christmas tin containers that they are just aching to get rid of?  Because I’ll take ’em!  Our friends gave me some today and I realized that that is an item that some people just have laying around and want to get rid of.  So if you do want to donate to my candy tin collection, please email me and I’ll more than likely send you some sweets in return. 

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    by using a double negative you declared your own self a genius. either you are an arrogant genius, or you are really really really *not* one

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    Hahaha. Mom is TOTALLY right!!!

    You are absolutely the dumbest most ignorant person on earth if you yourself don't even know that you're the smartest, coolest, nicest, neatest, sweetest, etc. person walking on the planet. Anyone would say so. It's too bad that not everyone has the privelage to say 'she's MY sister'. 🙂

    Oh, and by the way, you can't get married yet. I haven't found someone good enough for you yet (that's not Mom's job, it's mine). I doubt that there's anyone out there good enough for you. Your too good for any hick. lol. Ok, this just hit me. You'll be the chick, he'll be the hick. (well that was funny to me)


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    golLY ryann! i thought you thought that *I* was the smartest, coolest, nicest, neatest, sweetest, etc. person walking on the planet. I am so going to revise and update your chores list now.

    love momsie… who thinks you both qualify as the smartest, coolest, nicest, neatest, sweetest, etc. people walking on the planet

    PS you're not allowed to call people dumb and ignorant even if you follow up with a plethora of compliments

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    I will keep my eyes open for them. I think I have tins somewhere! (Clean, of course)… I'll check in my Christmas decorations boxes. I hope I did not throw them out!

  5. tnmomtomanyblessings

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    I will bring some nice new tins to A.T.I.C. for your candy making art.

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    But mom….she IS dumb AND ignorant if she doesn't know that she's awesome!

    Also, I'm going to hide my chore list….where did I put it? Never mind. Don't help me.

    Ok, gotta go get ready and brush my teeth so good that I blind Dr. B….. And my stomach hurts, I hope I don't throw up.

  7. Hey

    I saw your blog on crazy4jesus and thought I'd stop by and say hello! Your template is so incredibly cute!!!! I take it you like frogs? Anyway, it's adorable!

    I'm Julia btw. I hope you don't mind me adding you to mind friends list!!!!!

    Hope to talk to you later!


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    Mmmm… you make the best candy, Coie!

    I'm sorry you had unfun and unhappy people at work today. I thought about you when I was at our local Home Depot buying 10 more boxes of drywall mud. Is it bad that everyone there knows my family by name? They even give the kids fun things on the sly like those wooden train building kits.

    Hope tomorrow is better for you.

  9. <i>Untitled Comment</i>

    you never called me like you said you would.

    Sorry to hear about your bad day at work with all the mean people. Just smile REALLY BIG the whole time at them.. with a little bit of an obnoxious flare- you'll drive them batty (or help them snap out of it).. LOL (i'm picturing you quickly bagging some mean old hick's items while the entire time not taking your eyes off them with a HUGE grin on your face and your eyes open REALLY WIIIDE).. talk about freaking the poor guy out! I guess this isn't the godliest attitude to have,but MAN would i laugh my head off as he quickly slips away rolling his eyes at this phyco-happy cashier he just encountered.

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    Hi there…You have a very good blog here. I see that you love the Lord as also I do too! I was reading your past entrys and they all are wonderful as this one is too. Would you like to be friends?

    Have a great day and God bless!

    In Christ, Elizabeth

    Edited by Ebell1993 on Thursday, October 11, 2007 at 11:32 AM

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    What?!!! You were on my computer FOREVER last night and in alllllllll that stinkin' time you didn't blog again????? Ugh! You're grounded.

    I'm tired of this entry….please blog again.


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