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Bible and History made fun!

by coie - November 3rd, 2005.
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I don't try
to disrupt mom's classes with the kids, I just say what pops into my
head when she asks questions.  Stuff like, “Ok kids, When
so-and-so went to France, who was the king?”


Mom: Hello, people!  There was a movie with his name!


Mom: Hush up, Coie….Kids, who was the king?

More silence.

Mom: Napoleon!

Me: DYNAMITE! (wasn't she talking about a movie?)

Mom: Hush up, Coie…Ok kids, and what did so-and-so want from the king?

Oh, she really lit the gunpowder trail of random thoughts from me, by now.


Mom:  Hush up, Coie….Kids…..

Me (mumbling): No, go get your own tater tots…

Mom: [trying to hide a grin] Coie, do you want to go to your room?

So anyways, that breakfast conversation continued on without further interruptions from me.  But then we had Bible time
this morning.  And there's all sorts of funny things in the
Bible.  Especially when mom asks questions.  She was talking
about Jacob and Leah and Rachael, and Labon…Laben?  Labin? 
I live in a Cog Labin?  wow.

She was talking about shearing sheep.  She asked, “Kids, what does shearing a sheep mean?”

Me: To give one to a friend.

Snort, giggle.

Whoops.  There's goes the Genesis Bible time. 

Now she opened up to Psalms and said that this psalm [psalms are songs,
remember] was about the time David pretended to be crazy before a
king.  I started singing the “Loopy Song” that I learned from
Jimmy Neutron.  It seemed fitting to me, but the inspired version
was much more reserved.

Now for a biography.  It was a new one today- all about Lottie
Moon.  So mom picks up the book and pronounces every syllable into
broken parts, like this:

Lah Tee Moon

So I said “Lah-Tee-Dah”, because that's what it sounded like.  Yeaaaahhh.

Momsie, the point of this post is to remind you to please get me some schoolbooks before I go completely loopy and write a psalm about it.

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  1. <i>Untitled Comment</i>

    That is so funny. Sounds kinda like what goes on around here with my 13yo. But do you mean to tell me, your mom hasn't gotten you any schoolbooks? First no decent food, then no schoolbooks?! What else is she depriving you of? Do you have clothes (besides the ones on the beams)? Running water (besides the sewer water)?

    LOL Well we all know the one thing she's not depriving you of is laughs! ha ha


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  2. Well

    We just decided I was going to do another year of highschool so I can graduate in FL at the FPEA– cool! so, that’s why I haven’t got books yet. Now I must go play the harp and write my psalm…excuse me.

  3. Untitled Comment


    It took me a minute with the Cog Labin and then I lost it!

    And don’t even get me started on the tots…

    I hope all your dreams come true tomorrow, Coie.


  4. Untitled Comment

    ROFL @ DrewsFamTX!!!!!!!!!

  5. HIHIH

    your funny Coie


  6. we LOVE Jimmy Neutron!

    good job Coie…keep Mom on her toes 😉

  7. Untitled Comment

    That does it Coie. Have your seventeen pg paper on “Why Smart Alecks Need To Zip It” on my desk by tomorrow morning. little brat.

  8. Haha!!!

    Are you SURE your Mom’s glad you’re home?? 😀

  9. Hi Coie,

    Your mom told us to visit your blog and look at your frog. That rhymes. She must think we are frogs, because she told us to try eating the bees and see if they tasted like honey. I think it is neat to have a frog on a blog, but we are not frogs. Ribbit. Ribbit.

  10. Silly

    Hi Sillyguys! Thanks for checking out my frog blog! I liked the bumblebees on your blog…I thought they were cute. Don’t eat them!

    Pianogal- I think my mom is about ready for me to go on a long trip again. Until she remembers that she “only has about 37 more years before I’m gone”. :D:D

    Momsie, I don’t know how to write a seventeen page report. I haven’t got any english books to learn from.

  11. Funny

    Sounds a lot like how our homeschooling goes.

    Hi I just sorta Randomly found your blog. It’s Great! Really funny. If you have a chance stop by mine:

  12. chat

    Can I ddo the chat thing too Coie?


  13. Hi Coie,

    Thought you might like this picture:


    Now, whenever you are tempted to make wiseacre comments during your Mom’s deeply serious homeschool discussions, imagine that you’re in the same predicament as this little boy.

  14. Untitled Comment

    You CRACK ME UP!

  15. My saying

    My saying has always been:

    Eat a Bullfrog first thing in the morning and

    Nothing worse will happen to you all day.

    However, after seeing that pic with the boy and the frog

    I need to rethink this . . . after I puke.

    Auntie M* who will be sending you all of Tyler’s old school books ASAP

  16. Untitled Comment

    I changed my mind (if you have not already started on it) could I have a Willow tree template that is green and pink?

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