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Car Rides

by coie - October 3rd, 2007.
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Scary things happen when you stick my mom and I in a car for more than 15 minutes at a time.  Scarier things happen if sugar and/or caffiene are readily available to us.

We laugh.  A lot.  About nothing.  Sometimes we start talking in different accents.  Once we pretended to be one of our favorite basketball players (Vlade Divac) as a child.  Yeah….that was interesting.  Most of our inside jokes came into existance while we were driving around.  You should have heard us on the way to Ohio to pick up dad last year.  Driving around until two o’clock in the morning drinking Starbucks drinks and Dr. Pepper Berries ‘n’ Cream made us a tad bit loopy. 

I guess I really haven’t got a point to this blog post, except that it gives you a glimpse of my relationship with my momsie.  It is dear.  It is treasured.  And it’s just plain stinkin’ FUNNY!

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    ahhhh dees is so toooooot. thanks for driving us all over tarnation yesterday. You (and Ryann) the funnest and funniest friends I've ever had . and i forgot to tell you that DAD took himself to lunch yesterday and got Chinese. What a total guilt extinguisher! But i still haven't told him yet…

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    ARE. you and Ryann ARE the funniest funnest etc etc

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    That's great that you can have that kind of relationship with your mom, almost like you'd have with a best friend. Most people don't. Nice blog by the way.

    Come check out my blog sometime. It's just getting started, and I'm trying to get some reader response. Hope you like it!

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    You and your momsie have such a great relationship. That's how it should be. Y'all are both very goofy and very blessed!

    My English accent is terrible. Ditto the gangsta accent. My dracula one… dorky. Yup, accents are not my forte.

    I bet you didn't know that about me.


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    Mrs. Drews is funny. 😀

    I like the English accent, and I really like the 'poor' English accent. I think it's funny. But I think my favorite accent is Australian. And my least favorites are MI and southern…so basically, American accents. lol.

    One time I asked Miss Trish why everyone on staff had accents but not us Igs and Suarezs and she laughed and said "Your cute kid". 😀

    Sorry I didn't milk da' stinkin' good fer nu'in guts dis mor'in (I crack myself up)

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    That's pretty funny!

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    Haha. That sounds like Briana and me. We have all kinds of crazy inside jokes and occasionally revert to foreign accents, too. 🙂

    I'm glad you got to come to the cookout. It was definitely fun. 🙂 Yep, let's get together sometime. The next couple of weeks are kinda crazy for me, but after that hopefully we can work out a day to have pizza or something after you get off work.

    Have a nice weekend!


  8. tnmomtomanyblessings

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    CONGRATULATIONS on your ACT score.

    Way to go!!!


    Mrs R

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    I just had to tell you a funny story!

    Today, the phone rang during our school time. I usually check the caller ID and ignore everyone except an elect few (like my husband!).

    Well, the caller ID said, "Home Depot".

    I thought "I wonder why we'd be getting a call from Home Depot… haven't been there for over a month, our Home Depot card is paid in full and the account closed… hmmm?

    Out of curiousity I answered it and a woman asked to speak to Kaitlyn.

    Why would a caller from Home Depot NOT identify herself and ask for Kaitlyn, my 15 year old?

    "Who is this?" I demanded.

    Well, it turned out to be our neighbor, Kathy. I forgot that she is working at Home Depot. She was calling to confirm that she needed Kait to babysit her daughters this afternoon.

    I laughed and told her, I could not figure out who at Home Depot would be calling Kaitlyn. She apologized for not identifying herself and I got off the phone.

    I told the whole story to Kait and Jordan (my 13 year) old piped up with, "Well, it could have been Coie."

    WHAT? Why would he say that?

    "Jordan, Why would Coie call Kaitlyn. She doesn't even know her. And besides, Coie doesn't even have our phone number and what would make you say that anyway?"

    Jordan didn't really have an explanation for that, so we all sat around teasing each other and laughing for about 15 minutes instead of finishing school!

    I think Jordan said that b/c we have been praying for you everyday for opportunities to share the Lord with your co-workers at Home Depot. So, naturally, any mention of HD would bring YOU into the conversation!!

    Anyway, that is how you became the topic of conversation for no good reason today!

    OH and if you have a candy contest this year, let me be the first to enter my name in the hat! *Drooling at the thought!*

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    When are you going to blog again??????????


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    I'm glad you did good on your ACTs! I'm hoping mine will come out good too. 😛

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    ryann, why do you keep referring to yourself as AAE? you're stressing me out. I can't figure it out.

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