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Is This California?

by coie - September 30th, 2007.
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Last night I went to a birthday party for my friends ASHLEY and BRIANA.  It was a lot of fun and reminded me that I need to stay in touch with my way spiffy friends.  🙂  Oh, and click on Ashley’s link to see some pictures.

Today after church we had some errands to run before heading back home.  Being the adventurer that my dad is, he had me take some roads that we’ve never taken.  This was all good and fun except we didn’t have a Tennessee atlas and we were really hungry.  We lived, but just barely.

Anyways, on one of the roads I was reminded of California.  There were hills, new housing developments, dead, dried up weeds (we’re going through a drought, which makes us resemble CA), and even someone with a CA license plate driving in front of us.  So I just pretended we were there and was enjoying myself.  We even got some Papa Murphy’s pizza which is about 1 1/2 hours from our house.  Then I saw a billboard for Dolly Parton’s Bluegrass Festival and remembered where I live.

Not that I’m complaining.  I love it here.  But I do miss some of the more….civilized….places in California.

And if we hadn’t moved here, we would have never learned about barn dances.  Speaking of which, the next one is being held OCTOBER 27TH at 5:30 PM in Abingdon, VA by our fellow Californians the AUSTINS.  I hope you’ll be there.  We will be.  I get to help hold stuff for the auction and such.  It’ll be grand.  So won’t you come?  EMAIL ME if you want more info on it.

And now I shall sign off.  But not before sharing this funny with you–

–How to tell you’re not mommy’s favorite–

6 Responses to Is This California?

  1. Untitled Comment

    That little bird is obviously NOT mommy's favorite. 🙂

  2. Untitled Comment

    no…. we're not in California… it's much COLDER in California. seriously. i checked the weather in Pilot Hill and they are 10 degrees chillier than here. i'm a little bitter about that.

  3. tnmomtomanyblessings

    Untitled Comment

    miss Coieeee,

    I think that picture is hilarious.

    I have never been to Cali..maybe someday.

    : )

    have a wonderful week!


    Mrs r

  4. Untitled Comment

    That picture is so funny! I was totally not expecting that.

    I'm glad you survived your expedition with your dad. This reiterates the imperativeness of a large stash of granola bars, beef jerky and Parmesan Garlic Cheese Nips in the car. Never leave home without them.

  5. Untitled Comment

    That's a funny picture!


  6. Untitled Comment

    That is so cute! Ask your mom about the dream I had about you two. I think I'm losing my mind with all the coughing. Karen (bensrib)

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