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Twitch Twitch Twitch

by coie - September 27th, 2007.
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I found out yesterday that I am addicted to caffeine.  I used to be addicted to it, then I stopped drinking coffee and using sugar, but now I am yet again addicted to it.  Wanna know what happens if I haven’t had coffee or a Dr. Pepper by 11 o’clock?  Now don’t laugh. 

My eye starts twitching.

It’s ridiculous.  And it doesn’t stop until I get caffeine into my system.  I seriously need to cut back.

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  1. tnmomtomanyblessings

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    Did you twitch while you were here? I was too amazed to noticed.. I am still getting over a ripped check. I am sure that is illegal or something!

    Thanks for the delivery service. You are the best Ebay seller I know!


    Mrs R

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    I get heart palpitations if I have caffeine too many days in a row and then have none. So I only allow myself caffeine once a week and occasionally twice!

    Did I tell you that I have been praying for your chances to witness at work everyday? My children and I added you to our daily prayer list!

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    at least it's not your arm. and yah, caffeine is bad for you- I've been clean for 2.5 weeks

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    Hey, Juss, you spelled "yeah" wrong. "Yah" means Jesus (in a different language…just figured that out today). So if you write something to Coie and then put a comma and then "Yah" then your calling her Holy. You can put "comma" Holy Cowie, if you'd like, instead.

    I know, I didn't explain that very well. But it made sense to me 'cause it was in my head.

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    ME TOO! last week I made sure I had a water bottle with me everywhere I went and was only allowing myself a Dr. Pepper every other day. This week, well, let's just say that I feel like the little cleaning crab on Finding Nemo who, in his little french accent exclaims , "I am so ashamed.!" when he can't control himself. I would say I need more self control, but now I just think I need to work on my French accent-it would be easier.

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    I love caffeine! lol

    ok here's the deal

    I need your help…. My dad's turning 40 today and I need you to help spread the word… I'm trying to recieve as many comments as possible saying Happy Birthday or somthing like that…. Post it on your blog or leaving comments telling ppl to visit my blog is 2 good ways… Thank you so much!


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    This post made me laugh! I hope your eye stops twitching soon!

  8. OH, Coie!

    That new profile picture you have on–it is absolutely gorgeous! If there is such a thing as a camera doing justice to the photographed–this is it! Coie is photogenic. You are such a lovely girl–outside AND inside!

    Love you! (I didn't laugh; I promise.) ;+)


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    I was lamenting my concern about drinking too much coffee every day. My friend, who is a nurse, asked me if I was counting cups or counting pots. I said cups. She said, <i>Well, then you're okay!</i> I'm not sure if it's true or not, but it sounded like sound medical advice to me, don't you think?

    By the way, I get migraines if I go without caffeine for too long. This is a rather recent development so I am definitely switching to half-caff!

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    We are in the process of ridding ourselves of caffeine as well. It really affects my parents.

    May I add you to my friends list?


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