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by coie - September 22nd, 2007.
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My foot really hurts right now.  And it smells like garlic.  No, it is not because I have failed to wash it for weeks on end.  I shall explain.

But first — an amazing story.  You probably won’t find it that amazing unless you’ve driven down our pot hole infested driveway and taken the back hills roads to our house.  Anyways, last week we were heading out for the park that is about 20 minutes from us.  I went outside to put my purse and keys in the van and for some reason I had to get into the back of the van.  When I was done, I got into the driver’s seat and thought, "Huh…where’s my keys?  I thought I brought them out here."  So I went inside and searched my messy room for them.  Nowhere.  So I grabbed my momsie’s keys and we headed to the park.  Down the bumpy, curvy driveway, dodging neighboring dogs and cows, through the middle of the city, around some sharp turns (I’m really not exaggerating too badly) and finally arrived at the park.  When we got out and greeted our friends, Ryann comes up to me, holds up my keys (which I had been complaining about misplacing) and says, "You know Coie, you really should not leave your keys on the bumper at the park."  My eyes widened and I said, "Those were on the bumper?  Do you realize I just drove all the way here with them there?"  My keychain has our (I think only) PO Box key and our church key among others.  So I thought that was pretty cool.

Now back to my poor miserable foot.  I wore some sandals from Bass Pro Shops (Yes, Jess, the very ones) a couple days ago for about 2 hours as I went to the grocery store and picked up Bobo’s friend.  By the time I got home I had a blister on my left foot and the side of my right foot was past the blister stage and was more into the chewing my foot out stage.  I put a band aid on it and declared it fine.  On Thursday, it still hurt but I kept a band aid on it.  It came off by the middle of the day at work, and started to hurt worse.  Yesterday I put aloe vera and a band aid on it, and then I wore knee- high tights to keep my shoes from taking the band aid off.  It still came off and it was becoming painful to walk.  When I got home last night I was limping around the house because even the skin around the "wound" is red and feels bruised.  So I put honey on it, and then colloidal silver.  This morning, I am still limping around or walking with my foot sideways.  I have garlic on it right now, and it stings.  I leave for work in an hour and I’m not looking forward to it.

In other news, I slept in until 9 o’clock this morning.  I couldn’t believe it.  Usually when I ask the kids to milk the goats so I can sleep in, I’ll still get up around 7:30.  My body just doesn’t let me sleep any later than that.  So when I woke up and glanced at my watch I had to do a double take to see if it had stopped working the night before.  That was nice.

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    poor you! I hope your foot feels better! Garlic mhh? I've never heard of that trick.


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    When I was 15, I was in Ohio visiting family and I hurt my foot on a 4-wheeler. Then I went to TN to visit other family and my cousin's granny said to put garlic on it because it was getting infected. I didn't know when to take it off so I just left it until we went back to Florida a day or 2 later. By that time I had the biggest blister you ever saw on the bottom of my foot. So just don't leave the garlic there for too long, 'k? LOL

    That really is miraculous about the keys!

    Blessings ~ Diane

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    You shoe thief! I want my shoes, I want them!!

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    oh, wait a second, i posted too soon- didn't finish reading to see that they actually wreaked havoc on your feet. You're still a shoe thief, but go ahead and keep 'em. I don't want them now that your gross garlic blistery feet have been in them..

    Serves you right, ya shoe thief! (no not really, i do feel bad for you- sorta).

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    Ouch! I hope your foot feels better soon… I am not really an herbal guru so I have no advice for you. Colloidial Silver still sounds like poison or something you'd see on an infomercial in the middle of the night!

    Cool about the keys! I guess God didn't want you to lose them.

  6. tnmomtomanyblessings

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    Hi Coieeeeeeeeeee……………

    I love the new picture. You are such a lovely young lady.

    See you soon!

    Mrs R

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    You are so pretty!!!

    I love your blog!

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    hey, i sent you a smile…uh.. thing- come to my blog and thank me and tell me I'm the best aunt ever for granting you such an award.


    love ya

  9. Go make Washi-washi

    take some pictures for me. She's not obeying me as her elder, so I figured I'd come whining to you – the ruling dictator – for assistance.

    Oh, as so sorry for your big toe. Or foot boil/puss pocket/blister/wart/garlic farm. Soak it in some gas – should heal right up. 🙂

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